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Work From Home As A Bookkeeper In 2022

There is a lot of uncertainty out in the world these days and more and more people are looking into starting all sorts of different side gigs or online businesses.  One of the most popular ones that continue to become more respected in every sense is learning how to work from home as a bookkeeper.

It’s possible that this is something that you may not have ever considered until now. It was a pretty new concept until about 8 years ago simply because of the technology, to be able to do it effectively and safely, simply wasn’t there.

But, it’s 2022 now and this can easily be accomplished as long as you have the drive to become your own boss.  There are all sorts of reasons why bookkeeping can be an amazing business for you and your family but, it’s also not for everyone.  Let’s start diving into this business model a bit and begin doing some basic overview into what a bookkeeping business is all about.

Research Is Key

Odds are, you know absolutely nothing about bookkeeping, am I right? Maybe you know that bookkeeping is simply keeping track of the books for small businesses but that is where your knowledge ends.

At the same time, the thought of possibly learning about bookkeeping and starting your own business sounds intriguing. If this is you then you owe it to yourself to do some digging to find out more about this opportunity to become your own boss.

If learning how to start your very own bookkeeping business is a career path that you choose to pursue, you need to be able to go after it with complete confidence and trust in yourself and the course.

This is the reason why I decided to start this website. I wanted to give you as much information as possible to know, with 100% certainty, that a bookkeeping business can be an excellent decision.

After that, finding the perfect course to give you the best chance at becoming an amazing bookkeeper is an absolute must!  I can help you with that as well so stick with me here.

Know That This Is Legit!

First, and most importantly, you want to make sure that the path to learning how to do this is legit. There are way too many scams out there, so the need to be super diligent in your research is crucial.

Maybe just as important is knowing that the training is effective! After all, a program can be legit but the training itself may not be very good. It may be hard to follow or it may be watered down to the point where even after you go through it you still don’t feel like you know anything.

This is probably due to the fact that whoever designed the course threw something together to simply make sales and separate you from your hard-earned money.

You need to be confident that the course you choose has your best interests at heart. A course that, when you have gone through it all, you will have all the tools to run a successful bookkeeping business.

There are a couple of different ways that you can go about deciding whether a bookkeeping course is any good or not. Being able to get a sneak peek at what is offered without having to pay anything, or having a solid and trustworthy refund policy in place.

To say that everyone that purchases a bookkeeping course is going to love it simply isn’t the real world. Some people will realize once they begin going through the course that it simply isn’t for them, and that is alright.

In saying that, having some sort of trial period to see for sure if this is for you or not is crucial. Knowing that you can easily get your money returned, hassle-free should give you all the peace of mind that you need.  And I do mean hassle-free!  Make sure that you are not going to have to jump through a bunch of hoops just to get your money back if bookkeeping turns out to not be your thing.

No Bookkeeping Experience Required

If you are brand new to the world of bookkeeping, then you are probably wondering if you need prior experience and/or do you need a doctorate in calculus to be able to do it.

Know that you do NOT need to have prior experience to do this. In fact, being brand new to the world of bookkeeping is encouraged. This is due to the fact that bookkeepers can sometimes become stuck in their ways on how to do certain tasks.

You also do not have to be some sort of math wizard either. All you really need is an understanding of basic math concepts to be able to double-check your work. You will have software that does all the hard stuff for you. You just need to be able to double-check it.

Must-Have Top-Notch Support

Running your own business can also be a lonely place so where would you turn to if, and when, you have questions or feel stuck. You need to be able to get your questions and concerns answered quickly so having an excellent support group to turn to is key.

Knowing that you can also reach out directly to some sort of direct support through the program itself is also a nice perk to have at your fingertips.

Another effective way to find the answers to your questions is having the ability to attend live Q&A sessions online or having the ability to go back and check out previously recorded sessions as well.  The information that you have at your fingertips the better off you are going to be.

Benefits Of A Bookkeeping Business

Why should you even consider starting up a bookkeeping business? What are some reasons why this can be a very good move for you?

First and foremost, who doesn’t dream of the potential to work from home? No more waking up to an alarm clock. No more punching a time clock.  Having that family time that we all dream about.  Getting to go in the dream vacation without having to worry about the cost or getting permission from your boss.

How about actually getting paid what you feel you are worth? Did you know that bookkeeping is the most profitable business to have?

screenshot of highest profit margins


It’s true! This is because of the very low start-up costs involved, as well as, the earning potential involved.

How much can you make? How does an average of $80 an hour sound to you?  Know that you can even make much more than this.  There are too many factors to say for sure, but $80 an hour is a pretty good average to expect.

Another great point of becoming a bookkeeper is that you are actually helping businesses out.

Every business is required by law to have their books done, so this addresses the demand for bookkeepers as well, the issue is that a majority of businesses either hate doing their own books or they have no idea what they are really doing.

This is where you come and save the day by not only doing something that most business owners dread but you also end up providing value to them by finding ways to make their business more profitable.

This, by the way, is how you not only learn bookkeeping but how to become the best bookkeeper possible by going above and beyond for your clients.

Be Confident From The Start

Do I have you rubbing your chin in deep thought thinking about your very own bookkeeping business? If you are still reading this article, then chances are, you are at least intrigued by the idea.

Earlier I talked about how important research is to determine if a certain program is a good fit for you. You need to be confident and have trust in the program so that you can simply focus on learning, not if it is legit or if it really works or not.

To take that next step in the research process, I want you to check out an amazing program that not only shows you how to become a top-notch bookkeeper but also how to start up, run, and market your very own business.

From there, you will have the chance to continue your research by signing up for a series of FREE training videos that will ultimately help you to determine if a bookkeeping business is right for you.

Hopefully, you found this article valuable enough to continue on by checking out my full review of the best program on the internet to learn how to work from home as a bookkeeper.

If you happen to have any questions don’t hesitate to drop them below and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!

I wish you the best in whatever you decide but hopefully, I’ll see you on the next page to check out my full review.


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