Why the IRS will make bookkeepers rich in 2022

The new Inflation Reduction Act is the best news EVER for prepared bookkeeping professionals (like students of Bookkeeper Launch).

If there ever was a time for you to start a bookkeeping business in 2022, it’s right now.

Why? Because, millions of businesses will be proactively looking for bookkeepers to help them get their bookkeeping in order.  There will be scores of business owners looking to hire new bookkeepers to clean up their records and get their books together.

The IRS, with tens of thousands of new agents to be hired in the coming months and years, will force businesses to find a bookkeeping pro. It’s the LAW (See IRS Publication 583, “Recordkeeping”, page 11)

In order to take advantage of this tsunami of new business, you need to get set up the right way.

According to Ben Robinson, he has seen this happen before and his business (and income) multiplied over 3X during 17 months!

Check out our review of Ben’s Bookkeeper Launch class or visit his site to see for yourself:

Your Move

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