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Why A Work From Home Bookkeeping Business Is The Way To Go

I can remember when I first began looking for a way to earn money working from home.  There are a lot of different options out there, some of which are terrible ideas or even scams. One excellent option that I ran into is starting your very own bookkeeping business. While this isn’t your only option by any means, a work from bookkeeping business is an excellent way to gain that financial freedom that you crave.

Why A Work From Home Bookkeeping Business Is The Way To Go

What Are Some Other Options?

If you are like me, then you have probably been searching for a way to work from home for a while now. And along the way, you may have encountered many scams and get-rich-quick schemes. We all know how disheartening this can be but yet we keep searching. You continue to look because you know deep down that there has to be a legitimate way. There has to be something that works as advertised. Unfortunately there are so many “opportunities” out there it simply becomes difficult to sort the good from the bad.

Why Bookkeeping?

Let’s get to why I feel bookkeeping as a work-from-home business can be an excellent fit.

  1. Technology Rocks! – Because of how technology has advanced it has become very possible for this to happen. Cloud technology, encryption, Zoom (just to name a few). Gone are the days when you were limited as a small business owner to finding a bookkeeper in your town. Now, it doesn’t make a difference where you live; you are still able to offer full service to clients running a virtual bookkeeping business.
  2. Every Business Needs A Bookkeeper – By law, every single business must have their books done. There is never going to be a shortage of businesses looking for a bookkeeper.
  3. They Make How Much?! – This is my favorite point to make when talking to others about bookkeeping. Did you know that bookkeepers have the highest profit margin compared to EVERY other business out there? Working in your own bookkeeping business, on average, can earn you somewhere in the ballpark of $60-$80 PER HOUR This is also because of the low start-up costs associated with it.
  4. You Are Actually Helping People – This is a real perk in my humble opinion. What better feeling is there than being able to help others run their businesses more efficiently, and taking something off their hands which they don’t want to do.
  5. Be Free! – Have the opportunity to be home more with your family, ditch the daily commutes back and forth from home, BE YOUR OWN BOSS, start working for yourself!

It’s Not For Everyone!

While I strongly feel that becoming a bookkeeper is a great way to work for yourself, it’s not for everybody. You must have the drive and discipline to actually run a business. Bookkeeping isn’t one of these things that you “run on autopilot” like so many things that are promised online. You need to have the drive to do the things that are required, and the desire to take good care of your clients. Remember, your clients are depending on you to not only do their books but to make sure they are right!

The bonus is that you will not have a boss telling you what needs to be done on a daily basis. Check out the traits that make for a great bookkeeper and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Want To Learn More?

The great thing is that as long as you have that drive to start your own business anyone can do this. Even if you know nothing about bookkeeping, you can learn it!

I have found a course that will teach you absolutely everything about bookkeeping and how to market your own business. I have searched and searched for different bookkeeping programs (that’s what I do), and nothing comes close to this program in delivering everything you need to build a thriving bookkeeping business from home.

After checking out my review of this program, see for yourself if this is something that may be good for you. You will even have the opportunity to get 3 free training lessons that help you to evaluate for yourself the pros and cons as well as start-up costs associated with your new business.

I hope you decide to take that first step and check it out ! If you have any concerns, comments or questions please email me.

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