Real Life Accounting Review… Looking To Easily Learn The Basics?

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Real Life Accounting Review



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Owner: John Day

Rating: 91 Out Of 100

Who Is This Course For?

So let’s say that you are a small business owner and you know absolutely nothing about accounting or bookkeeping. This is fine since this is the reason why you hire someone to do your books for you in the first place, right? Many small businesses don’t want the headache nor have the time to do their books themselves or, are not doing it effectively to begin with.

While many businesses want nothing to do with this, I do feel it is extremely important that you at least have a basic understanding of what is going on with your finances. After all, this is your money. By obtaining this basic accounting knowledge, you will improve your rapport and overall relationship with your accountant/ bookkeeper.

Who Is John Day?

As with any program online it is super important to have an understanding of who the owner of the program is to give it some legitimacy. So let’s dig in to see who John Day, the creator of Real Life Accounting, is to see if I can provide just that for you.

  • 1968- John received a B.S. degree in business administration from Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon.
  • 1971 through 1975- John worked as a system planner for Bay General Hospital in Chula Vista, California.
  • 1975 through 1978-For the next three years, he did consulting work for Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, California, performing feasibility studies while he was a graduate student at National University in San Diego.
  • 1978- John received his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from National University and shortly thereafter joined the Scripps Newspaper Group as their Internal Auditor and gained extensive training in corporate accounting and tax work.
  • 1982- John moved to Santa Barbara and began a public accounting practice as a sole proprietor. The practice grew quickly with clients ranging from manufacturing, retail, and service businesses to non-profit organizations. John developed a philosophy that assumed that the clients wanted and needed to know how the basic functions of accounting were applied to their businesses. He developed mini-seminars on the subject for interested clients.
  • 1989- John was invited to merge his accounting practice with the Santa Barbara CPA firm of McGowan, Thompson, & Starlin. He served as their manager of business services.
  • To Present- Currently still manages accounting practices in Santa Barbara and Sonora, California.

He is the author of Real Life Accounting for Non-Accountants, a 20-hour online course. Then in 2005 John added The HEART of Accounting, which is a 4-hour introductory course covering the essentials of accounting.

John continues to publish a monthly ezine-newsletter The Journal Entry, which has over 10,000 subscribers. He is also the writer of the popular E-book, Dream or Nightmare: Four Must Do’s Before Starting A Small Business. This E-book has been downloaded over 100,000 times.

The Heart of Accounting (4 Hour Course)


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Many business owners simply want the basics when it comes to accounting.  Some may want a basic understanding before starting college classes in accounting.  Maybe business owners want an understanding of accounting to be able to communicate with their accountant or bookkeeper. All of these examples are viable reasons to explore John’s courses.

There are many reasons why people want an accounting course that is basic and gets right down to it. That is simply what The Heart of Accounting provides. This simple 4-hour course is designed to build a basic understanding that will provide a solid foundation to learn the ins and out of accounting.

What Will Be Covered In The Course?

The truth is that four hours is not nearly enough time to learn accounting. It would be amazing if you could but that simply isn’t going to happen. You can learn, however, the “heart” of double-entry accounting within that time frame when you take the course.

After completing the above topics, you will have a firm grasp of how the accounting cycle works. You will see that it actually is not very difficult at all.  In addition, this course will lay the foundation to be able to get into more advanced and technical accounting practices if you so choose.

The Heart of Accounting is written in such a manner that you will not feel alone. In fact, you won’t be because you can e-mail or even call John with any questions you may have.

John has managed to find a way to teach the concepts of debits and credits to the average person in a painless and enjoyable way. He emphasizes the importance of doing things in order and not move on until you fully understand everything.

Added Bonus

As an added bonus, John will give you 100 practice journal entries to help hone your newly acquired accounting skills.

Accounting for Non-Accountants (20 Hour Class)

Price: $99.00 For Online Course  Click here to view more details

$9.95 Renewal After 1 Year

$50.00 Optional Final Exam (Graded and Mailed Results To You)

Accounting for Non-Accountants is a 20-hour online accounting course that requires no textbook or teachers. It is a work at your own pace accounting tutorial that can be taken 24 hours a day from your own home, office, or from any computer with an Internet connection.

What Can You Learn From This Course?

You will learn how to do double-entry accounting! This simply means understanding how debits and credits work.  Gaining knowledge and understanding of this skill is the key to unlock the mystery of accounting.

You will then use this skill to convert financial events that occur in any business into accounting transactions using the standard accounting journals. This course will provide you with hands-on core knowledge as to how small business financial statements are organized, prepared, and analyzed.

How The Course Is Laid Out

There are six phases to the course. The first four phases are theory-based. The fifth phase is an extensive practice session. The sixth phase is a short management accounting session that deals with analysis.

Phase 1 – Accounting Environment

Phase 2 – Accounting Principles

Phase 3 – Accounting Elements

Phase 4 – Accounting Tools

Phase 5 – Accounting Practice Example

Phase 6 – Accounting Analysis

First, you are going to learn the basic concepts, principles, and techniques that must be understood in order to complete the practice session. The practice session is similar to what accountants call a “client write-up”. For accountants to prepare a company’s financial statements, they must have certain materials from the client.

These materials consist of a bank statement, check register, deposit and/or sales information, payroll reports, and any other pertinent items. The accountant reviews this information carefully, organizes and inputs the information into a computer, and then runs a set of financial statements. This is exactly what you will learn to do in the practice session.

  • First, you will learn how to value and buy a business.
  • Next, you will create a set of books from scratch for a sole proprietorship.
  • You will prepare monthly financial statements for a sole proprietorship until, at a certain time, you will transition into a partnership and eventually into a corporation.
  • This will all happen during twelve-monthly accounting periods. At the end of the year, you will close the books in preparation for the coming year.

In the management section, you will be given a management checklist from which you can use to quickly analyze your own company’s books and prove the balance totals. You will be able to do this because you will now know exactly where the numbers came from and what they mean.

Interested In Both Courses?

Both Courses (Ebook) Click here to view more details

Both Courses (Print) Click here to view more details

You also have the option to purchase both courses at a discounted rate. You can get both for $123.00 for the e-book along with the online course or $128.00 for the print version. Purchasing separately would run you $153.00 so you are able to get a saving of $30.00.

This Is An Introduction Program

Keep in mind that this course is simply to learn some basics when it comes to accounting. If you are looking to begin your own accounting or bookkeeping business then you are going to want to find something more in-depth.

But if you are simply looking for some basic knowledge to simply have a good understanding of how everything works then this would be a great program to purchase.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to drop a comment below and I will get back to you ASAP!



$54.00 The Heart Of Accounting Ebook Click here to view more details

$59.00 The Heart Of Accounting Print Click here to view more details

$99.00 Accounting For Non-Accountants Click here to view more details

$123.00 Both Programs (Ebook) Click here to view more details

$128.00 Both Programs (Print) Click here to view more details

Owner: John Day

Rating:91 Out Of 100

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