2020 Proofread Anywhere Review: Get The Details Here!

Proofread Anywhere Review

While looking around on Pinterest the other day I ran into a pretty cool concept in the massive world of working from home. The program that I am referring to is called Proofread Anywhere.

Before I continue, know that I only write about opportunities to start REAL businesses! I stay away from MLM type programs or things that may or may not be scams. This program DOES TAKE WORK but what you learn will allow you to work from the comfort of your home full-time if you take action and do what you are taught.

The concept behind the course is simple. Teach others how to proofread and earn money by doing just that. Seeing that my curiosity had been tweaked, I thought it would be a good idea to do a deep dive into the course to see if it was everything they say it is.

Before I continue, you should know that I have chosen to become an affiliate with this course which means that this site contains affiliate links. Should you decide to look more into this program yourself I hope that you choose to use the links within this review with zero additional costs to do just that. Now on with the review!

The Creator Of Proofread Anywhere: Caitlin Pyle

Before I jump into the General Proofreading course it is really important to take a look at the creator of the course to really get a feel for the legitimacy of a program.head shot of founder of course

Insert Caitlin Pyle, the creator of the Proofread Anywhere program. Caitlin has been in the proofreading industry since 2007 and worked in the court reporting industry since 2009.

It is from her own personal experience that she choose to help and show others how to do proofreading themselves. Her main course (and the focus of this review) is called General Proofreading: Theory And Practice.

She also offers another proofreading course called Transcript Proofreading which focusing more on specific transcript proofreading (obviously) and is considered more of a build upon of the General Proofreading course if you chose to go that route but it is by no means required.

In addition to these 2 courses, she also has a workshop called the Money Mindset Transformation that teaches you how you should be treating your money.

She is also the author of several books as well.

After doing a pretty deep dive into the authenticity of Caitlin Pyle you can rest easy knowing that she truly wants to help you become successful and that her courses aren’t simply fluffed with the purpose of separating you from your hard-earned money.

In fact, she goes as far as helping you to evaluate yourself and give you a good idea of what proofreading is and what will be expected of you before you purchase anything to help you to decide if proofreading is the right path for you… but more on that in a minute.

So if you are wondering if Proofread Anywhere is a scam, rest easy knowing that you being ripped off is not going to be a problem for you here.

What Is General Proofreading?

What you are going to learn how to do is simply proofreading things such as books, blogs, or anything else that is in demand. how often have you read something like a sales page and you spot error after error while going through it? Are you likely to join that program?

If you are like me, I would turn and run far from it. My thought would be that if your sales page is crap why would I want to join that program.

What you are going to learn how to do is how to spot those grammar and spelling errors along with any punctuation mistakes.

It really is as simple as that! Sounds easy right? I need to mention though that proofreading is not for everyone. If you find yourself easily losing focus or don’t have the drive to start your own proofreading business then you should probably look elsewhere.

That being said, anyone CAN learn to do this. You don’t have to be some sort of English professor to be successful with the Proofread Anywhere program.

The Proofread Anywhere Course

Once you get on the inside, the course consists of 8 different modules with over 40 topics that go into great detail on how to be the best proofreader possible.

While there are a few other proofreading courses out there that you could take, Proofread Anywhere is the only one that you find that doesn’t just show you how to do it, but where and how to obtain clients. This is what puts it above anything else you will find online.

I thought it would also be a good idea to include a direct link to the course syllabus so that you can see, first hand what is in the course.  in case you don’t want to click away then I have also included a few screenshots for a quick summary below.

course summary 1

course summary 2

We Can’t Forget About Finding Clients

Now here is what separated Proofread Anywhere from every other course out there.  You are not just going to learn how to be an awesome proofreader.

After all, what good is learning how to have a successful proofreading business if you have no clue on how to find clients?  Knowing how to market your business is just as important as knowing how to proofread since if you don’t have one or the other, you don’t have anything.

Module 6 of the Proofread Anywhere course focuses entirely on finding jobs/clients.  After going through it, you will then realize that it is much easier than you originally thought.  You will also see just how much demand there is for awesome proofreaders.

How Much Can You Make As A Proofreader?

When it comes down to how much you can earn as a proofreader, unfortunately, there is no concrete answer. It’s tough to say because there are so many variables at play here.

Are you proofreading a blog post or a novel? How much experience do you have? How much time will it take you? What one client will be willing to pay you another may not.

What I can say is that Caitlin talks about how when she was a proofreader she made $47,000 a year and that was only working around 25 hours a week. So, if you break that down and do a little math that comes out to just over $36 an hour! Not too shabby!

Hopefully, this helps you to understand a little about the possibilities of how much you can make.

leverage your word skills image

How Is The Proofread Anywhere Support?

The support that you will get should also play a pivotal role in deciding to join any program. After all, chances are that you are completely new to the world of proofreading, and at some point, you are going to have questions.

What Caitlin did is she created a Facebook group for her students to help each other out. No need to email questions and wait for a reply. Post your question or concern and find the answer almost immediately 24 a day!

What Else Will You Need?

So, you are all in… or almost all in.  The one burning question you may still have are additional costs to run your business after the initial investment.  The great news here is that there is almost none!

The one thing that you will definitely need is a good editing app.  This will become your best friend when your business is finally up and running.  How much will this handy app set you back?  It’s going to cost you $10!

One other necessity is a website.  Don’t let the thought of building your own website scare you off.  It really is much easier than you may think and Caitlin will walk you through the entire process of getting it done.

Costs for doing this are also very minimal.  Buying a domain name is going to be around $14 a year and hosting can vary a bit (depending on who you choose to host your website) but will probably be in the ballpark of about $10-20 a month.

One other source that you will become very familiar with is LinkedIn.  If you are not familiar with it, it’s basically Facebook for businesses.  This will be an excellent resource for your proofreading business and can be also used for free!

Proofread Anywhere Bonuses

In addition to the modules that you will go through, there are also a bunch of bonuses that Caitlin throws in to help you out as well. Let’s quickly go through each on that you will receive:

  1. Look Better In Writing – Here Caitin put together a massive list of commonly misused words that she created and referred to when she proofreading and now she is giving it to you.
  2. The Ultimate Freelancer Tax Guide – This will show you how to have everything ready for tax time.
  3. The Mindset Mastery Guide – This book talks about how to have the right mindset as a business owner.
  4. 5 Mindset Shifts For Goalcrushing Confidence

In addition to the 4 books, there are also a few other things that Caitlin will throw-in.

  1. I quickly mentioned above that there are a couple of courses that you can take from Caitlin to learn about the world of proofreading. You will have an opportunity to get a sneak peek into Caitlins’ other program, Transcript Proofreading: Theory And Practice by gaining access to the first level of the program. She charges $77 for this but you will get it for free!
  2. I also mentioned earlier in this review how Caitlin developed a program on how to treat your money called Money Mindset Transformation. This is also going to be thrown in for free!
  3. The last bonus is a 30-day free trial to the Results Breakthrough Network accountability partner app. Here you will be set up with your very own accountability partner to help keep you on track and hit those goals.

program bonuses

Proofread Anywhere Cost

I guess it’s probably time to talk about the cost of the course.  You are going to have two options.  The first option is the Ignite package.  The cost of this option is $497.

Ignite Plus is the other option, and a more popular choice as well.  Ignite Plus costs $597.  Below I have included a screenshot of what you’ll get with the Ignite Plus option.

bonuses with plus

Ok… here is an awesome tip for you.  When you head over to watch the webinar know that you will have the opportunity to knock $100 off the price of either program!

Time To Be Blunt With You

Okay, so right now you’re thinking that this course is absolutely amazing and you’re ready to start raking in the cash. You need to keep in mind that this is a REAL business!

Caitlin gives you absolutely everything you need to create your very own proofreading empire but things will not simply fall into your lap. If you do not take action this will not work for you. If you are expecting to be making thousands of dollars a week within the next month you would be wrong. This is not some sort of get-rich-quick scheme.

I don’t say this to discourage you but it is important to understand that it takes time to learn and develop any new skill. That being said, you can expect it to take you roughly 1-2 months to work through the course. I know you were probably wondering about that huh.

What I can promise you is that if you take the time to go through the program, become good at proofreading, and treat this as a real business you WILL become a thriving proofreader before you know it!

Let’s Sum It All Up

There is a good chance that this is the first time that you have heard of proofreading as a home business and I just threw a bunch of information at you. Maybe your not sure yet if this sounds like something you would like to do.

I get it! Here’s what I would like for you to do. You need to check out a video that Caitlin put together that goes much more in-depth into the program to gain a much better understanding of the Proofread Anywhere program.  The webinar runs a little over an hour and I can promise that it will answer any questions that you may have.

There is no obligation or anything like that. Simply watch and learn. So head on over to the video now and hear it from the woman herself.

Enter Proofread Anywhere Webinar

click image for course

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