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Learn To Be A Bookkeeper From Home In 2022

I think that we can all agree that things seem to be getting pretty unstable these days when it comes to the job market.  The economy seems to be going through a pretty major shift.  What does that mean?  I have no idea.

What I do know is this.  A lot of people are looking to learn how to be a bookkeeper from home instead of having to depend on someone else to be able to provide for their family.  Listen, I’m not saying this to scare anyone but more and more people are beginning to see the potential of not just bookkeeping, but working from home in general.

If there is one thing that the pandemic has done, it’s opened a lot of people’s eyes to the possibility of working from the comfort of your own home.  If you have been searching for a legit way to create a business from home then stick around!

Even if this is a completely new concept for you this can be the perfect starting point to get those wheels in your head spinning.  So let’s dive into it and see what we can come up with.

Learn To Be A Bookkeeper From Home

If you are new to this site then you may not know this but I focus on finding the best bookkeeping programs online and thoroughly dig into them to see what kind of value they would provide to you and who would make a good fit. I am always on the lookout for new and valuable programs that might be worth your while.

If you know absolutely nothing about bookkeeping or if you’re a full-time bookkeeper that works for someone else but is looking to start your own bookkeeping business then I have the perfect program for you.

Bookkeeper Launch

You are going to want to check out a program that launched back in 2016 called Bookkeeper Launch. Within this program, you are going to learn everything, and I do mean everything, about what a bookkeeper does and how to do it.

Not only does this program show you how to build your own bookkeeping business, but you are also going to find out how to market your new business as well. I am talking about in-depth training. Everything from building your own website to learning how to market your services on LinkedIn.

Nothing is left out to keep you guessing. Bookkeeper Launch is NOT some cookie-cutter course that makes you lost or wondering what to do next or in what order.

No previous experience is needed as everything is taught as though you don’t know the first thing about bookkeeping.

Ben Robinson

Whenever you are looking into a certain program I think it is very important to look into the person who came up with it, to begin with. After all, nobody wants to get scammed out of their hard-earned money right?

By doing a little research, you should gain some valuable insight on whether a program may be a good one or if you should run away from it as fast as possible. Don’t worry, I have already done the research for you.Ben Robinson Founder of Bookkeeper Launch

Ben Robinson is the creator of Bookkeeper Launch. Having a successful background as a CPA, he realized that there are millions of bookkeepers, yet, there was a massive shortage of great bookkeepers.

He realized that bookkeeping was something that anyone could do as long as they have the drive to do it, so he created this course.

You could not ask for a more stand-up guy to show you the ropes of bookkeeping. He always has your best interest at heart and is always looking for new ways to add additional value to the course and tries to personally help out his students within the course whenever possible. Feel free to check out Ben’s background for yourself.

No Experience Necessary

One of the great things about Bookkeeper Launch is that even if you know nothing about bookkeeping, you can still do this program. In fact, it is said that if you do have bookkeeping experience that you may actually have to unlearn some things.

It is definitely catered to the person that knows absolutely nothing so if that was something that you were worried about, have no fear.

Inside the course, the training is broken down into separate modules. These modules are separated into two groups. The first group is where you will learn everything bookkeeping and the other is where you are going to learn how to market your services.

Everything you will learn is broken down into easy-to-understand terms so that you are actually able to understand what is being taught. Included in the training are videos, PDFs, outlines as well as quizzes to test what you have learned.

Amazing Support

What good is having a great program without having excellent support? After all, you will have questions and you need to be able to get those questions answered quickly. Bookkeeper Launch has you covered! The main avenue for support is through the BBL Facebook group.

Here you can be assured that all your questions will be answered quickly and accurately. What better way to get them answered than by the students that have already gone through the course.

The Facebook groups also serve as an excellent resource for motivation as many students share their successes as well.

Ben also has webinars that are conducted which are archived within the training site so that you can access them anytime you like as well as Q&A sessions. Within the webinars and Q&A sessions, Ben himself is the one that offers his guidance and support.


Yes, you will become a CERTIFIED bookkeeper!

You will also have the opportunity to become certified in Quickbooks as well as Xero. As far as certifications go, you can rest assured that Ben will continue to do whatever he can to give you additional ammunition for your bookkeeping resume.

How Can You Learn More?

I kind of hinted at this above but I think that this is a very important point to make. Ben is NOT looking to turn you into a bookkeeper. He is looking to make you a GREAT bookkeeper!

He does this by showing you how to add value to your clients by doing the things that most other bookkeepers simply won’t or can’t do.

Do I still have your attention? If so, take the next step and check out my full review of Bookkeeper Launch to get a full overview of what the course is about.

Within the review, you have the opportunity to sign up to get 3 free training lessons where Ben will dive into evaluating yourself to see if bookkeeping is a good fit for you, as well as, what you can expect and startup costs associated with starting up your own bookkeeping business.

Put your credit card away! These are free training videos that are yours without having to hand over any of your money. Ben does a great job of making sure that this is something you really want to do before paying for the course.

So head on over to my review and see what’s on the inside. If you happen to have any questions or comments drop them below and I will get back to you ASAP!

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