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Is Legit? – 3 Critical Things To Look Into

You have been through the song and dance before… am I right?  You find a program that you are interested in only to find out that, for one reason or another, it just didn’t live up to expectations.  What about the bookkeeping course,  better known as Bookkeeper Launch?  Is it Legit?

Allow me to attempt to break everything down in as much detail as possible to be able to answer that question for you.  I think that there are 3 main things that you should focus on when trying to determine how legit a particular program is.  The first is the past of the person that created the course, the 2nd thing is a BBB report (if available), and finally what other students are saying about the program. Creator Ben Robinson

When it comes to determining the legitimacy of any course, many times there is no need to look any further than the creator of the course itself.  Doing a simple Google search will typically show any shady past or questionable activity.  What about the creator of and the Bookkeeper Launch course?  Honestly, your probably not going to find many people that are more squeaky clean than Ben Robinson.Ben Robinson head shot

This truly is a person that wants you to succeed as a bookkeeper and does everything in his power to make that happen.  Actually, that is how he came up with the idea of starting Bookkeeper Launch, to begin with.  Back before existed Ben was trying to hire bookkeepers for his business when he discovered that he was having a hard time finding great ones so, being a CPA, he realized that he was much better off by simply training others how to do bookkeeping.

He realized that there are a ton of bookkeepers out there but a massive shortage of awesome bookkeepers.  So, in 2015, Ben launches the site to show others how to be the best bookkeeper possible!  To date, Ben has trained well over 10,000 students on how to start up their own successful bookkeeping business.

Below are a few screenshots of Ben’s past that even goes back long before Bookkeeper Launch was a thing.

resume screenshot part 1


resume screenshot part 2

By looking at his resume, you are able to draw a couple of conclusions.  First, when it comes to bookkeeping and taxes, he has a ton of experience!  Ben is not someone that is simply trying to pass himself off to be someone that he isn’t.

The other is that he has been extremely successful his entire career.  Have you ever heard the saying that if you want to be successful then you need to hang out with successful people?  Not only has Ben had a pretty impressive career but he wants you to be the exact same.

In 2020, he also created another program called TaxBiz where he shows you how to start a tax business as well.  As far as I can tell, TaxBiz is the first program out there of its kind.  So, at this point, I’m sure that you can see that Ben is a very driven person that has your best interest at heart.


BBB Report

In many cases, online programs will not even have a BBB report.  If they don’t, that doesn’t make them scammy, they simply have not registered their business with the Better Business Bureau.

Now if they have registered it, then you are able to pull a lot of information off of the page about the business.  Let’s take a look at the screenshot of and break it down.

is legit

So, what can we determine from this screenshot?  Probably the most obvious thing that people look for is the rating and, as you can see, has an A+ rating and it is an accredited business as well.  The next box that we can look at is the star rating box and you can see that it has a 5 out of 5 rating.

The next box talks about any complaints that have been filed against the business.  As you can see there have been 2 complaints filed against over the past 3 years (which is very low by the way) and 0 over the past 12 months.

Now, I tried to look into what these complaints were all about but were unable to find any specifics as to what the complaints were about.  If I were to guess I’d say that those 2 complaints were either very minor issues or weren’t really issues at all.

I say this because, over the years, I have realized that if someone buys an online course of some kind and they are not making $10,000 a month after 3 months and they haven’t even put the effort in, they still insist on screaming from the rooftops that that particular program is a scam.

Then they try to damage the program even though the failure was their own doing.  I will say that Ben seems to do an amazing job of preventing these types of things from happening.  How?  As you continue your research, you will have the opportunity to sign up for a series of free training videos that are specifically designed to help you determine if a bookkeeping business is right for you.

He goes into great detail about what it takes to run a business, the hard work that it will take to get there, that it is by no means a get-rich-quick scheme, and what you can expect running the different aspects of your business.  By doing this, he makes it darn near impossible for anyone to claim that they were scammed.

He is able to eliminate the tire kickers and even gives you a list of traits that you should possess to make a great bookkeeper and if you lack them then a bookkeeping business probably isn’t for you.  How many people will tell you not to buy a particular program that they are trying to sell because they think that it may not be for you?

Sorry, I got a little sidetracked there.  The final point that I wanted to make is the contact information provided on the BBB page.  It’s clear that no one is attempting to hide any information.  You can see the address where the business is located as well as an email and even a phone number that you are able to use to contact them.

While it’s not a deal-breaker if these things aren’t listed on a BBB page, it’s huge of they are!  When it comes to trusting a particular program, transparency is huge!

What Are His Students Saying?

Finally, the final thing that you should look into to determine if a particular course is legit is actually reading from past and current students themselves.  After all, they have no skin in the game, so to speak.  If a certain program is no bueno you will definitely be able to track down a bunch of negative comments.

I figured the best way to approach this is to simply go ahead and post a bunch of student reviews from a few different sources.  The first couple screenshots below were taken from the BBB page

3 student reviews

5 student reviews

I  have also had the privilege of interviewing some of Ben’s students.  Below is a list of interviews and testimonials that I have done over the years.

Andrea VonHovel 

Daniel Honan

Amy McLaughry

Holly Ferris

You can also feel free to check out a page dedicated to Bookkeeper Launch success stories as well.

What Is Your Next Move?

I have gone over and talked about the man behind and his past to show that there is no shady history.  Then, we went over the details of the BBB page and the different factors you should consider from it.  Finally, we looked into what other students have said about the program as well.

So, when all is said and done, there really isn’t a more legit program on the internet that is safer than (Bookkeeper Launch).  That doesn’t necessarily mean you should rush out and join the program.  Now you need to figure out if a bookkeeping business makes sense to you.

Even though this may sound like a good idea for a lot of people, some are simply not cut out to run a bookkeeping business of their own.  More research is needed to learn more about what the course is going to provide now we know that it is by no means some sort of scam.

Now you need to head on over to my complete run of the Bookkeeper Launch course and get a deep dive look into everything that it has to offer.  You will also have the opportunity to sign up for a series of free training videos as well.  Don’t worry, these are not sales videos!

They are used to help you to determine if you should start a bookkeeping business by evaluating yourself and learning about the juicy details of running your own business.  By the time you finish the videos, you should have a pretty good idea if this is right for you or not.

Go check out my complete review so that you are able to make an informed decision on whether or not this makes sense for you.  I hope that you found this information useful but if you happen to have any questions, feel free to reach out and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.


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