Is Bookkeeper Launch A Scam? Depends on what you mean by scam…

Is Bookkeeper Launch A Scam?

Is Bookkeeper Launch a scam? Is it worth my time and money? Any all-online bookkeeping course which promises to turn you into a work-from-home bookkeeper, has the potential to sound shady.  So is worth it?  Is it any good?
The key information you’re probably looking for is: 1) Does this bookkeeping course actually deliver on what it claims to provide? 2) Is this company trustworthy or it a fly-by-night operation?  Finally, when many people ask if a certain program is a scam, they are actually asking the wrong question. They really mean: 3) is the value I’ll receive worth the money I will pay?  Let’s dive in.

Bookkeeper Launch… Scam Or No Scam?

First: is not a scam! By doing just a little research you can find that every single thing about Bookkeeper Launch is 100% legit. Let’s provide the proof.

Ben Robinson

In most cases, you need to look no further than the creator of the program itself. In this case, we are looking Ben RobinsonBen Robinson Founder of Bookkeeper Launch
We have done all the work for you by including some screenshots of Bens’ experience before creating Bookkeeper Launch.
As you will see below, no shady history. No past of coming up with pyramid schemes and then running off with people’s money. Other than being a legit businessman, he is one heck of a CPA!
Ben Robinson Bookkeeper Launch Resume

Better Business Bureau

Another easy way to check on the legitimacy of a program is the BBB. Here is the latest look at the Bookkeeper Launch BBB page. Ben-Robinson-Bookkeeper-Launch-BBBQuick tip:  always make sure there is an address and phone number listed for a company. This shows that you are actually able in touch with someone in case you need to.
You will see that, LLC has an A+ rating. You will also notice that there are all 5 star reviews!
As far as whether Bookkeeper Launch is a scam or not, this should be all the proof you really need. Here’s the BBB link if you would like to read the reviews yourself.

Okay, It’s Not A Scam But…

Here is the part of the question that is very important to address. When people ask if something is legit, often the bigger question is, Can I actually make this work? After all, some people try a program and give up after a month, then feel ripped-off when the program doesn’t live up to their expectations.
Let’s be clear: Bookkeeper Launch is not a get-rich-quick scheme. This is a very legitimate business learning tool and, as with any other business, takes time to learn how to do bookkeeping, how to market your business, and how to treat your clients like no other bookkeeper will.
If you are considering going through the Bookkeeper Launch course then expect to work hard to learn everything you will need to learn to get your bookkeeping business off the ground. Nothing in life comes easy. If you have the right traits to run a business, along with persistence, you will be in great shape.

What if I Have Zero Bookkeeping Experience?

Some students that go through Bookkeeper Launch have prior bookkeeping experience and they probably go through the course faster because they will already be familiar with some of the material that Ben teaches.
But even if you don’t know the first thing about running your own bookkeeping business, know that you CAN do this. Ben teaches this course as though you don’t know the first thing about bookkeeping or running a business. Even if you have no experience running any type of business, you WILL learn.  Ben provides everything you need to start and then maintain and succeed in your own bookkeeping business.  He starts from square one and teaches you everything you need to know, patiently, from the ground up.

The Support Is Always There

One of the most valuable tools available is the private group that you will be added to once you join. If you have a question or concern it will get answered.
We all have those doubts in the back of our minds. But you won’t be alone in your journey and that there is always someone there to pick you up when you need help.  Your questions and/or concerns will be answered almost immediately in most cases.  It is a tight-knit community where everyone wants to see you succeed!

Get Out Of Your Own Way

You should know by now that Bookkeeper Launch is not a scam but the question still remains… can YOU do this? The short answer is yes!  If this is something that you really want. If you have a passion for helping others and enjoy working with numbers (no, you do not have to be a math wizard) then you need to get out of your own way and push the doubt aside.  Our thoughts are very powerful and self-confidence is half the battle.
If this is something you want, or may want, then now you know that this is by no means any sort of scam but more importantly, this is something that ANYONE that has the drive to run a successful business can do as well.

Want To Learn More?

Hopefully, at this point, you realize that the answer to the question is Bookkeeper Launch a scam is a resounding NO! What you need to do now is check out our full review of Bookkeeper Launch to get a complete rundown of what the course is all about.
You may not be sure if this business is for you or not. It’s a big decision. But to help you decide, Ben provides 3 FREE training videos so you can learn more about how the business works and if you would be a good fit. After checking out the free videos you should have a pretty good idea of whether owning your very own bookkeeping business is for you.
We hope you choose to check out our review and we wish you all the best in whatever you decide.

Bookkeeping Business Launch FAQs

Bookkeeping can get highly complex at times, but things get better if you have educational tools and resources such as Bookkeeper Launch to help you. This course aims to teach you new things about bookkeeping while it helps you run your business in the best way possible.

Read some of the most frequently asked questions about Bookkeeper Business Launch if you have any concerns about how this course works!

Can This Software Help Me Run a Successful Bookkeeping Business?

The Bookkeeper Launch course focuses on helping professional bookkeepers and amateurs get insightful tips on how to improve their bookkeeping skills while they run their companies. However, that’s not the only thing this virtual bookkeeping business course offers.

This service also gives users access to a great online community that allows them to help each other regardless of their current bookkeeping skills. They can log into this community to ask other people any questions they have about bookkeeping or show how much they have progressed on the course so far.

Is Bookkeeper Launch a scam? The short answer is no. Nonetheless, it’s not difficult to notice this is a legit course since many of its former students have become successful online bookkeepers thanks to it.

The tech tools, online community, tips, and online lessons Bookkeeper Launch offers make it an excellent option for people looking forward to learning how to run a bookkeeping business in the future.

Who Is Bookkeeper Business Launch for?

Anyone interested in running a successful bookkeeping business will love using Bookkeeper Launch. Even if you are working as a bookkeeper and are not ready to run your own company, this platform can help you turn into the best bookkeeper any company could ask for.

How can the Bookkeeper Launch course help bookkeepers that much? Well, it also features professional coaching for everyone who signs up for it. This service works for everyone regardless of how experienced they are at bookkeeping.

Can This Platform Get Me Started on Bookkeeping If I Want to Run My Own Bookkeeping Business?

If you are looking forward to running a virtual bookkeeping business but don’t know much about the industry, this platform is the perfect pick for you. Since Bookkeeper Launch’s interface is user-friendly, you won’t get lost while using it.

Bookkeeper Launch has an excellent educational center with insightful guides, blog posts, and articles made to help all users regardless of how good their bookkeeping skills are. That means there are educational resources available for beginners, amateurs, and pros.

On top of that, Bookkeeper Launch features a work-from-home platform that makes remote working easier for all bookkeepers using this software. Bookkeeper Launch (formerly Bookkeeper Business Launch) offered similar features in the past, but they’re now much more optimized for your comfort.

If you’ve finished reading this Bookkeeper Launch review and want to sign up, remember you must first subscribe to gain access to all the resources the course has available to you. Fortunately, the Bookkeeper Launch course cost is not expensive at all compared to other options online.

You don’t need to worry about this course being a scam since it has many green flags that tell you the opposite. Still, you can check what other people have to say about it if you’re not quite convinced yet. This platform features a user-friendly interface with an excellent community of bookkeepers and insightful educational resources for newcomers.

Is Bookkeeping Business Launch Accredited?

Is Bookkeeper Business Launch legit? It absolutely is!

Similar to this Bookkeeper Launch review, most review websites online only have good things to say about this platform. Even if you don’t trust some of the review websites talking about this software, even the BBB speaks highly of it. If you are hesitant about this platform’s trustworthiness, check its current BBB rating.

The Bookkeeper Launch team got an A+ from the Better Business Bureau, and there hasn’t been a Bookkeeper Business Launch complaint on the BBB website for ages. Should this make you feel safe while signing up for this course? It totally should.

Scam websites have been taking money from users for years, and checking the BBB website is one of the few things people can do to keep themselves from falling from scams, so there’s no need to doubt what this website says.

Summarizing it all, the Bookkeeper Launch team has excellent reviews online and an excellent Better Business Bureau rating, so rest assured that this learning platform isn’t a scam in any way.

Is Bookkeeper Business Launch Worth It?

As we mentioned before, the Bookkeeper Launch cost is not expensive at all, and you can get different benefits depending on what subscription you pay for. You must ensure you’re picking the right plan for your needs before signing up for this platform.

Regardless of that, you could say that Bookkeeper Launch is, overall, a worth-paying option due to everything it offers. If you are looking forward to learning more about bookkeeping, you can rely on the Bookkeeper Launch “Resource Library.”

Users focusing on remote working can also benefit from this platform’s work-from-home features, and the same happens with people running their own virtual bookkeeping business.

As you could see, this software can help you regardless of what your needs are, so it’s one of the best purchases you can make if you want to become a bookkeeper. Don’t hesitate to sign up for Bookkeeper Launch or Bookkeeper Launch Premier!

Does Bookkeeper Business Launch Have Free Classes?

Although all the benefits we mentioned in this review come from signing up for Bookkeeper Launch Premier or any of the other plans available on this platform, Bookkeeper Launch does offer a free course.

This course teaches users the basics of bookkeeping and what they should know before starting to use this platform for professional purposes.

However, if you want to know more about what Bookkeeper Launch offers, we recommend you visit its website.

Is Bookkeeper Launch worth it? Without a doubt, so you shouldn’t hesitate to use it as soon as you can.

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