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How To Start A Home Based Bookkeeping Business In 2024

How To Start A Home Based Bookkeeping Business

When it comes to work-from-home businesses, it may seem difficult to pick an opportunity that doesn’t require a lot of capital or experience to start.  While there are a lot of options out there, consider that a home-based bookkeeping business lets you enjoy the benefits of setting your own schedule, working with clients you love, and earning a lucrative income (up to $80 per hour!) while keeping your overhead costs low. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent looking for a side hustle, a seasoned bookkeeper seeking independence, or simply wanting to escape the corporate grind, starting your own bookkeeping business provides a great solution.

Before embarking on the journey to starting a bookkeeping business, consider whether this kind of business is right for you.  If you’re unsure, check out this article on the 7 Traits That Make A Great Bookkeeper to see if this career is a good fit for you. If you feel this sounds great, let’s look at the options to get from here to there.

Option 1: Learn Bookkeeping On Your Own

The one option that you could pursue is to go out on your own and piece all the knowledge together.  After all, the information is out there for free on the internet.  However I would not recommend this route to learn bookkeeping. First, there would be no way of actually knowing if you were learning things in the right order or if certain subjects were being skipped altogether.  You are going to need structure as you learn without fear of wondering if you are on the right track.  And I don’t want you to simply learn how to become a bookkeeper… I want you to become an amazing highly-paid bookkeeper!  While sites YouTube can be a great resource for answering specific questions, I would not recommend it to be your only resource on how to start your bookkeeping business.  You need a solid, foolproof, path to follow to keep you on track.

The Right Way To Start A Home Based Bookkeeping Business

So, what’s the best way to go about starting a bookkeeping business?  You need to look for a course that not only teaches you the A to Z of bookkeeping but also how to market your new business as well.   Surprisingly, a lot of bookkeeping courses don’t even address marketing, or just cover the bare bones.  And in many ways, marketing is going to be more important than learning the actual bookkeeping.  What good would it do you to learn how to be a well-paid bookkeeper if you’re unable to let small business owners that you exist?

The route that I highly suggest would be through the online course, Bookkeeper Launch.  This course will not only teach you everything about bookkeeping but also how to market your business.

Since this course began back in 2015, it has been the premier course when it comes to online bookkeeping courses.  To my knowledge, it was the first one out there and to this day continues to be the best one. If you are curious, feel free to check it out for yourself by heading over to my full review of the course.  I take it apart for you step by step, and show you a peek of what’s inside!

Bookkeeping Startup Costs

When talking about starting a bookkeeping business another major question that you will probably have is the startup costs that you will need.  The good news is that bookkeeping comes with very low startup costs.  This is yet another reason why bookkeeping is such a promising business model to pursue.

Some of the things that you will need are:

  • Home office equipment
  • Bookkeeping software and security
  • Printer with Scanner
  • LLC (optional but recommended)
  • Liability insurance

This is just a quick little rundown to give you a general idea of some of the items that you’ll need.  Total startup costs are going to land somewhere in the ballpark of $800-$1800.  As far as startups are concerned, these expenses are very low and part of the reason that bookkeeping is the most profitable business to start.  And of course you may already have some of this home office setup.

Also, remember that you don’t have to get all these things off the bat.  For example, there is no need to purchase insurance for your business until you actually begin to go after clients.

Having The Right Mindset To See It Through

Mindset may be the most important part of starting a bookkeeping business of your own.  In the Bookkeeper Launch Facebook Group, I have seen firsthand thousands of students successfully start their very own bookkeeping business. It has been exciting to watch!  A positive mindset is the one thing that every one of these students had in common.

No matter what type of business you may end up starting, the hardest thing that you have to overcome is the power of your own mind.  Negative thinking creates doubt and that doubt causes us to give up. Know from the beginning that this does take work and that you must have patience.  Commit to seeing the process through and what you will end up with is a thriving bookkeeping business of your own.

Any thoughts that may creep in about Bookkeeper Launch being a scam or not being in-depth enough is a lie to convince yourself that it’s ok to give up.  You will not find a more complete and honest course that has your best interest at heart anywhere on the internet.  The only way that you can fail is if you allow yourself to fail.  Go into it with an attitude that you are going to succeed, expect setbacks, and you will be fine.  You can be a few short months away from being a home business owner… how cool it that!

Now that we have gone over some of the basics on how to start a home based bookkeeping business it’s time for you to take the next step to learn more about how to make this a reality for you!  Head on over to my complete review of the #1 bookkeeping course online to learn more.

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