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How To Learn Bookkeeping Online In 2024

What if I said that I could show you how to learn bookkeeping online? What if I said that this could be accomplished without enrolling in some expensive college and is possible to have an up and running bookkeeping business in as little as 3 months!

Would you like to read more?  Does that make you skeptical?  the answer is probably yes to both.  I get it, this day and age, you need to be very careful what you choose to invest in, and learning a new skill online is no different.

Maybe you don’t even think that this is a possibility and you are just trying to figure out how you are being scammed.  The great news is that it’s not a scam, but that is another article.  In fact, you can check it out if you like.

How To Learn Bookkeeping Online In 2024

With technology being what it is these days, running your very own bookkeeping business from the comfort of your own home is a VERY real possibility.  So if this is something that sounds interesting to you then you are going to want to keep reading.

So where do you go to learn how to do it? What if you don’t know the first thing about bookkeeping or how to run your own business? Is this something that anyone can do? The answer to that question is yes and no but, I’ll get into that in a minute.

Technology Makes This Possible

Being able to learn how to have your own bookkeeping business from home is still a pretty new concept to grasp for most people. The reason is that up until recently, being able to effectively do this was not possible. Thanks to technology though, it is now a reality.

You are now able to communicate face-to-face, in real-time, via Skype or what have you to maintain a personable connection with your clients. Software that you will need to depend on has become much more robust and efficient.

Social media platforms such as LinkedIn have become the norm as a way to reach out to potential clients as well. But, probably the most important thing that makes doing this possible are the security features that are now at your fingertips to keep your clients information as safe as possible.

In fact, you have the ability to have bank-level security at your fingertips. Combine this with the advancements with Cloud technology and you are all set to go!

But I Know Nothing About Bookkeeping

Is it going to be easier to start your own bookkeeping business if you already have some experience doing it? Sure, I could imagine that it would to a certain extent.

The same could probably be said about someone that has experience with marketing online. Does this mean that if you have no experience with either bookkeeping or marketing you are out of luck?

Absolutely not! In fact, there is a way to learn both and it is catered towards you knowing absolutely nothing about neither. In some ways, it is actually encouraged that you don’t know anything about bookkeeping because you may have to unlearn certain things.

Can You Do This?

In short, yes… yes you can! The better question is, SHOULD you do this? Here is why I say this.

If you are going to be successful in any business whether it’s bookkeeping or baking cookies you need to have the drive to do it! If you can’t seem to push through the ups and downs then this may not be for you.

Being a small business owner can be lonely. After all, you have no boss to push you and to keep you moving forward. It is solely up to you and you alone to make it happen.

Of course, when it comes to bookkeeping you are going to want to enjoy working with numbers. This doesn’t mean that you have to be a math wizard, because you don’t, but if you can’t stand the thought of working with numbers then this business is not for you.

There are also certain traits that make for a great bookkeeper. Check out this post to see how many fit you!

So Where Do You Go To Learn Bookkeeping?

I have searched and searched and searched all over the internet for different ways to learn bookkeeping from home and I have only found 1 that not only teaches you everything about bookkeeping but also how to market your business as well.

The name of the program is called Bookkeeper Launch and was launched in 2015 by a super successful CPA creator of the websitenamed Ben Robinson. Here you have the ability to have an up and running bookkeeping business in as little as 10 weeks!

Ben even talks about the possibility to have your first client before you even finish the course! How cool is that!

Of course, the time that it is going to take you to go through the course depends on how much time you have to go through the training. The great thing is that you are able to go at your own pace.

You Are Not Just Any Bookkeeper

One of the main things that I love about this program is the fact that Ben talks about how there are a ton of bookkeepers out there, but there is a massive shortage of EXCELLENT bookkeepers.

He is going to show you how to be one of the excellent bookkeepers by providing top-notch value to your clients. You’re not simply going to learn how to be a number cruncher. After all, any bookkeeper can do that.

You will learn how to show your clients how they can increase their bottom lines and run a more efficient business. That is what EXCELLENT bookkeepers do!

What If I Get Lost?

Another winning point about Bookkeeper Launch is the support that comes along with it. Let’s be honest, you’re going to have questions. There are going to be concepts that may not make any sense to you or you are not going to know how to categorize something.

That’s where the support comes into play. Bookkeeper Launch has its own private group where students, that are or have already gone through the course, lean on one another when things get a little dicey.

No question goes unanswered! You even have to ability to reach out to Ben himself.

You will also have access to weekly webinars where students have to opportunity to ask questions and pick Ben’s brain. They are all recorded so that you have access to each and every webinar any time you like!

Okay… I’m Intrigued

So what now? What you need to do now to learn more about Bookkeeper Launch is to check out my full review of the course. Here you can find the costs involved as well as EVERYTHING that you will get on the inside.

Put your credit card away, you are not going to need it. You’ll also have the chance to get 3 free training videos. Don’t worry, these training videos are not sales pitches. In fact, I could argue that they are just the opposite.

In the free videos, Ben goes into detail on what it takes to run your own bookkeeping business, as well as, any and all costs associated with such.

So head on over to my full review to get a much more in-depth breakdown of what Bookkeeper Launch is all about!

Got questions? Drop them below and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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