how to do bookkeeping for small business

How To Do Bookkeeping For Small Business Owners

How To Do Bookkeeping For Small Business Owners

There are millions of small businesses in the US alone that are desperate for an amazing bookkeeper.  Many of these small business owners either don’t know how to do the bookkeeping right or they have a subpar bookkeeper doing their books for them.

This is where you step in because you are not going to learn to be a subpar bookkeeper.  Instead, your aim is going to be to go above and beyond for your clients.  In return, you are able to demand a premium wage for your skills and your business will grow without lifting a finger.

So, how do you go about doing this?  This is a topic that can be tackled in a hundred different ways so what I want to do is to focus on 3 main points.

They are, picking the right businesses to do bookkeeping for, how to be the absolute best bookkeeper possible, and how to go about learning how to start your own bookkeeping business.  If you can hit these 3 points hard, you will have a very successful bookkeeping business on your hands.

Pick The Right Small Business Owners

Consider this scenario.  You wake up in the morning ready to take on your day.  You flip open your laptop and check your emails only to discover that you have received another email from one of your bookkeeping clients talking about how they were told by someone else that you are overcharging them,  This is the third negative email this month!

They continue on that they simply cannot justify the monthly cost that you charge even though in the previous three months you have saved this business owner $5,000 a month in expenses by giving them suggestions on how to run their business more efficiently.  They took those suggestions but only after they told you that it’s their business and they will run it as they see fit.  There was never a thank you or any sign of appreciation for your efforts.

In fact, you are beginning to absolutely dread having to deal with this particular business owner at all.  Then it hits you.  This is your business!  You get to choose to who you want to provide your bookkeeping services!

You finally come to the realization that this relationship simply isn’t working out so you fire them (Yes you can do that).  Instantly, the massive weight on your shoulders has been lifted, and you’re able to go about your day with a sense of relief and renewed optimism now that you have rid yourself of that negativity.

My point is this.  Always remember that this is YOUR bookkeeping business.  You decide on who you want to work with not the other way around.  You decided that you wanted to do bookkeeping because you enjoy the work.  Don’t let a few bad apples ruin what you love doing.  Focus on finding clients that will truly appreciate your work and it will be a win-win for both parties involved.

Don’t take on a client simply for the money.  You need to make sure that it is going to be a good fit for you both.

Finding clients that appreciate your work as a bookkeeper leads me to my next point…

Be The Best Possible Bookkeeper

Here is the harsh reality… there are a ton of other bookkeepers out there.  How do you compete out there in the real world?  How do you stand out?  The answer is simple, you need to be the best possible bookkeeper!

“Okay, that’s great Nate but how do I go about doing that”?

Here’s the truth… an overwhelming majority of bookkeepers out there are simply number crunchers.  They make sure things are balanced and that’s where they stop.  They provide no additional value to that business!  This leads me to my second point.

A majority of business owners are more than willing to switch bookkeepers if they know that you can do more for them!  It’s true!  Show these businesses what you can do as their bookkeeper and they will come running to you.

So, as a bookkeeper, you need to learn how to become a top-notch bookkeeper… plain and simple!  You need to learn how to go far beyond making sure that the numbers match up.  Find ways for these businesses to save money.  Always go out of your way to answer their questions, even if they aren’t related to bookkeeping (this would be your ultimate goal by the way).

Simply do what the other 90% of bookkeepers out there won’t or don’t do and you are going to be a very happy bookkeeper with lots of very happy small business owners.  And then what happens?  Those business owners tell other business owners about how you treat their business and they begin knocking down your door asking for your services.  There is no better form of advertising than word-of-mouth referrals.

Learn How To Do Bookkeeping

How do you go about doing these things?  How do you learn to find the right business?  How do you learn how to be the best possible bookkeeper?  The answer is getting the best possible training out there!

The truth is, anyone can learn how to be a typical bookkeeper.  Balance the books and be done and move on.  Wouldn’t you want to learn how to be the best, how to easily destroy any competition out there?

If you are truly looking to learn how to do bookkeeping for small business owners then look no further than a course called Bookkeeper Launch.  This course really is the cream of the crop so to speak.  It not only shows you absolutely everything about how to do bookkeeping but puts a heavy focus on being the best possible bookkeeper.

How to be a 21st-century bookkeeper.  How to go above and beyond for your clients.  Do you know what happens when you can learn how to do these things?  You can turn around and demand a premium wage in return for your top-notch services.  How does $80 an hour on average sound?

It gets even better!  Learning how to be the best possible bookkeeper is only half the battle.  After all, what good is being an amazing bookkeeper if no one knows that you exist?  That’s why the other half of the Bookkeeper Launch course puts a heavy focus on marketing your bookkeeping business.

While Bookkeeper Launch isn’t your only option out there, I can tell you with complete certainty that it’s the best!  Ben Robinson, the creator of this amazing course, truly wants you to become a highly successful bookkeeping business owner and he does an amazing job at doing just that.

Listen, I can talk Bookkeeper Launch up until I’m blue in the face.  Check things out for yourself by heading over to my complete review of the Bookkeeper Launch program to see for yourself what it’s all about.  There you will have more than enough information to really get a feel of what it has to offer, and if it’s the right move for you.

Don’t forget, if you have any questions at all you can drop them in the comments below or get a hold of me on the contact page and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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