How To Become A Bookkeeper Without A Degree

Conventional wisdom would tell you that the only way to become a bookkeeper is to spend 2-4 years of your life going to college to get a degree in accounting n then become a bookkeeper.  What if you could learn how to become a bookkeeper without a degree?  What if you didn’t have to waste years and 10’s of thousands of dollars learning how to do it?

Here is another point that you need to think about… what if you are looking to start a bookkeeping business?  Now you are also going to have to learn marketing.  Are you going to learn that in college too?  Cha-ching!!!!

At this point, you can begin dreading those student loans showing up in the mail when you are all finished.  To take things a step further, the marketing isn’t going to be geared towards bookkeeping so you are still going to have to piece everything together… and still find a job.

My point here is this… if a bookkeeping business is your ultimate goal then there is a much better (and less expensive way) to go about doing this!

How To Become A Bookkeeper Without A Degree

Let’s face it, college is becoming more and more expensive every single year. Even if you attend a standard two-year community college for an associate’s degree, that is still going to cost you, on average, around $7,000. Don’t get me wrong, as far as college costs are concerned that’s not too bad.

The thing is, in my humble opinion, college is becoming less and less of a necessity these days. Now if you look to become a doctor or a lawyer then you are not going to have a choice. That $75,000 in-school loan debt is unavoidable, but if you are looking to learn bookkeeping and start your own business, know that you do have other options.

College Can Become A Money Grab

Society tells us that the only way to be successful is to go and get that all-important college degree. While this may have held more weight twenty or thirty years ago, this is not the case anymore.

Technology is changing the rules. Now, in 2022, you have more options that are much more affordable and convenient. Coming from someone that gave it the old college try out of high school, the one thing that drove me nuts was the fact that I was forced to take classes that had nothing to do with my major.

Why couldn’t I simply take the classes that I actually needed? Well, that would mean less money for the university. This works in two different ways. First, you are paying to take that class you don’t need and this also causes you to attend that college longer to obtain that degree.

What normally takes four years to obtain could easily be done in three, or even less, if you could simply take the core classes for your major.

In the end, after you get that degree, you get to spend the next 10-20 years paying off those loans. Know right now that there is a better way!

Technology Is Your Friend

We all know that technology, more times then not, makes things much easier for us in so many ways. It also can make things happen much quicker. Why not take advantage of that?hand holding phone while sitting in front of laptop

Over the past 10 years or so, taking college classes from home has become more and more popular. This has allowed people with full-time jobs, or families, to go after that degree by being able to take classes online and do so by working around their busy schedules.

There is no more daily commute. In fact, you don’t even have to live near that college to begin with. Pretty nice… right? The problem is that this option still comes with the same old tuition costs for taking those classes.

Whether you are physically attending classes or taking them online, those pesky student loans are still going to have to be paid back in the end.

The good news is that technology has also expanded your options as well, which in return, brings those costs down significantly. It creates competition which is a good thing.

Another option that technology has created, is the ability to work from home. Isn’t this something that we have all dreamed of at one point or another?  At least it has crossed your mind if you are reading this right now.

Think about how different your life could be by being able to work when you want to work. How freeing would it be to be your own boss?

So, in 2022, not only is it possible to educate yourself from the comfort of your own home but also be able to work from home as well. It’s time to buck the traditional trend telling you that the only way to be successful is to go and get that 2-4 year degree.

Why Not Bookkeeping?

Chances are if you don’t have any previous experience, deciding to start your own bookkeeping business is going to be brand new to you. It may even be a little intimidating on the surface. So, why is this option becoming so attractive?

First of all, the money is great! According to Entrepreneur Magazine bookkeeping is the most profitable business to start. To be a little more specific, you can earn an average of $80 an hour! If an average established client takes 4 hours a month, which is typical, you will make $320 by only working 4 hours.

If your goal was to have enough work for a full 40-hour week, that is $3,200 a week! That comes to $12,800 a month and $153,600 a year!

What if you decided to start hiring other bookkeepers for your business which then frees up more of your time and skyrockets your income potential?  What if you then decided to add tax services on top of your bookkeeping services?  Obviously, this is a basic example but hopefully, you are able to see the potential here.

You can also have your business up and running in under three months. Yes, I said three months, not the 2-4 years it would take you by attending a regular college. I will even take things a step further by saying that it is even possible to even have your first client before you finish learning.

Another thing to consider is that not only are you going to have to get some sort of bookkeeping or accounting degree but you are also going to have to take business classes as well. That means that having to double major to gain the same skill set is a real possibility. More time and more money!

What are the chances that those business classes that you are taking are going to be related to bookkeeping? As you can probably assume, they aren’t going to be.

What Other Option Do You Have

As you can probably guess, there is a better way. There is a bookkeeping course online where not only will you learn to become a bookkeeper but the best possible bookkeeper. How is this done?

By learning how to do the things that most other bookkeepers will not do. Learn how to go above and beyond for your clients and you will have a thriving bookkeeping business in no time. By doing this, you will easily separate yourself from the pack and stand out from your competition.

While learning those all-important bookkeeping skills, also learn how to market your bookkeeping business as well. Notice I said market your bookkeeping business, not just business. The marketing deals directly with bookkeeping and how to find those all-important leads.

Over time, not only will you learn how to find them, but they will begin to find you instead. After 6 years of having the privilege to be a part of this course, I can tell you that the marketing training is top-notch and worth its weight in gold.

Learn how to not only find clients offline but online as well. Remember, it’s 2022. You are no longer limited to where you live. It is estimated that there are nearly 28 million small businesses in the US. Do you think that you can find 10-20 that are desperately searching for a great bookkeeper?

Intrigued? Honestly, you should be! This really is an amazing course. If you would like to learn more, your first step is to head on over to my full review to get all the juicy details. Here you will be able to take a look at the inside and gain a better understanding of what you are going to get.

After that, I highly recommend signing up for the free training videos that are offered as they will help you to determine if you are a good fit for this business, and yes, a bookkeeping business is not a good fit for everyone.

But, first things first. Read my full review to gain a better understanding of what your own bookkeeping business entails and get those free training videos.

You are reading this because you were wondering how to become a bookkeeper without a degree. I am telling you that this is by far the best way to do just that! Have questions or something to add? Leave a comment below and I will be sure to get back to you and hopefully I will see you on the other side.

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