Fully Booked VA Review (Formally Horky Handbook)

Fully Booked VA Review


What Is Fully Booked VA?

I wanted to start off first by saying that I am super pumped to have the opportunity to be able to share this amazing course/mentorship program with you.  Why?  Because, unlike the other courses that I talk about inside of Bookkeepers Paradise, with Fully Booked VA, you literally have 100’s of options at your fingertips!

As a VA (virtual assistant), you can choose to focus on whatever you are familiar with… or want to learn how to do it.  This program shows you how to do just that.  You’ll start with the foundations of having a VA business of your own and what all it entails and how to run it efficiently.  Next, you will continue on with the mentorship said of things where you learn more about the specifics of certain areas of being a VA.

There are weekly training meetings, an online support group, and sections on how to focus on a particular skill set that you have or want to learn about.  The other part of this being such an exciting opportunity is that you do not need any previous experience.  You don’t need to have a bunch of connections (or any at all) to be successful as a VA.

If you have been searching for a way to start a business of your own then becoming a VA can be a very VERY good way to make that happen for you!  All you need is the desire to learn and put what you are being taught into action and you are GUARANTEED (yes I said it) to have your first client within 90 days!

I’ll get into more details on that in a minute so if you curious about whether Fully Booked VA is right for you then you need to keep reading as I do everything I can to provide you with all the juicy details in this Fully Booked VA review.

What Does A Virtual Assistant do?

The truth is that there are millions upon millions of small businesses out there that need help with all sorts of tasks to maintain their businesses.  In fact, did you know that there are over 30 million small businesses in the US alone!  Here are a few fun facts for you to check out.

  • In the US, outsourced services are valued at over 85 BILLION dollars (and this is just in the US)
  • Businesses in almost every single niche and industry are looking for and hiring assistants
  • Every size business are turning to freelancers for help
  • Freelancers (this includes VA’s) make up 1/3 of the American workforce
  • People of all ages are turning to freelance work to increase flexibility, freedom, and financial stability
  • Of those people that quit their full-time jobs to become a VA… 75% earn more than they did with their J-O-B

Those are some pretty cool stats to consider.  Hopefully, this is starting to open your mind a bit to the possibility of having your very own VA business.

What do VA’s do?  Really, just about anything under the sun.  The opportunities as a VA can be generalized into 17 different groups.

  • Administrative support
  • Customer service275 VA services to offer
  • Email management
  • Finance
  • Project management
  • Blog/Website management
  • Website maintenance
  • Event management
  • Email marketing
  • Online store management
  • Content creator/support
  • Podcast management
  • Audio/Video production
  • SEO
  • Social Media management
  • Marketing strategies
  • Outreach

Within each of these groups listed above, there are a number of specific tasks that you can focus on to offer to your potential clients.  In fact, Gina Horkey, creator of Fully Booked VA provides a free workbook that shows you over 275 different skills that you can offer!  Feel free to grab it by clicking here to check it out for yourself.

Not only does it show you all of the different options available to you, but it also goes into how to help you to determine what YOU should/want to focus on.

275+ VA Services Handbook

How Much Can You Earn As A VA?

There is a myth out there that you cannot earn good money as a VA.  This is completely wrong!  While there are VA’s out there that charge very little money, there is a saying that goes “you get what you pay for”.

The fact is that the minimum you will earn as a virtual assistant is $20 an hour!  There are even some that earn upwards of $100 an hour, depending on the experience and skill that is being offered.  The average that you can expect is going to be somewhere in the ballpark of $35-$50 an hour!

In fact, Gina teaches you in the Fully Booked VA program to never take on a client for less than $20 an hour.  So, you can see there can be quite a range ($20 to $100 an hour).

Who Is Gina Horkey?Gina Horkey head shot

As I have already hinted at, Gina Horkey is the creator of Fully Booked VA.  Back in 2015, Gina began to show others how to start their own VA businesses after learning how to do it herself.

For years Gina promoted her course through a site called The Horkey Handbook where you were able to learn how to do everything in parts.  Only recently has she combined everything into one jam-packed program for one price (so that you are not continually having to buy something else to learn more).

I can honestly say that there are not many people out there that truly want to see you succeed.  After checking out everything you will realize that she is a very grounded person that is out for YOUR best interest.

I even took the liberty of checking out the BBB site to see if it was listed there and it is… with an A+ rating to boot!

fully booked VA BBB

While it isn’t necessary for a business to have a listing with the BBB, it’s always nice to see to be able to show some legitimacy of the program that you are looking into.

How Is The Support?head shot of Stephanie

Here’s the great news!  The 2nd half of the program is mainly about the support!  You will be invited to join a private group where any questions or concerns can be answered quickly.  There is also weekly group coaching calls with Stephanie who is one of Gina’s right-hand gals, so to speak.

Stephanie has over 25 years of experience helping freelancers build out successful businesses so you are sure to find these meetings extremely helpful!

There is also a weekly meeting that focuses more on specialization tracks.  There really is no end to the amount of support that you will receive once you are on the inside.  All of these calls are also recorded, so it’s not something that you have to be available to watch and listen to live.


Fully Booked VA Guarantee

Maybe you are a little scared or nervous about actually pulling the trigger on Fully Booked VA.  This is completely normal!  After all, what if you put the work in and it simply doesn’t happen for you?  Gina basically comes right out and says that more than likely, that isn’t going to happen!

If you go through the program and actually give it an honest shot, you WILL have at least one client within your first 90 days!  In fact, Gina even backs this up with a 90-day guarantee.  Here is how it works…

  • Actively participate in the program (this is a no-brainer)
  • Receive your certification by finishing the VA foundations course
  • Submit a minimum of 30 pitches 
  • Attend 3 coaching calls

Listen, this program isn’t for tire kickers.  This is for real people looking for a real business.  If you take the seriously and treat it as such there is very little chance that you wouldn’t have 1 client (at the very least) if you do the above list.  Isn’t that why you are here?

Gina is basically telling that that there is absolutely no reason why you cannot have your first client within 90 days.  How cool is that?  That means that you would recoup your entire investment in the course inside of 3 months (spoiler alert, most students do this much much much faster).

Fully Booked VA Reviews

It’s always nice to see the successes that other students have been able to achieve.  It shows that it is possible, and perhaps even more impressive is how quickly it can happen!  I took the liberty of posting a bunch of screenshots for you to check out below to get an idea of how successful you can be with your own VA business.


student success 9

student success 2

student success 3

student success 4

student success 5

student success 6

student success 7

student success 8

student success 9

Did you notice how quickly these students started to make money for themselves?  I am also going to include a link below where you can go to read a bunch of success stories.  They go into much more detail about their experiences of the Fully Booked VA program.  If you have some extra time, feel free to check them out!

Student Success Stories

What Does Fully Booked VA Cost?

We are finally to that point where I can finally answer the question that is on your mind… what does it cost?  You basically have 3 options available to you.

  • The first is a one-time payment of $497.  This includes VA Foundations and 3-month access to the Fully Booked VA system
  • The second option is to make 3 payments of $199. You get all the same options, it’s just split up into 3 payments but it will cost another $100 to go this route
  • The final option is a one-time payment of $1194.  This also includes VA Foundations and 12- month access to the Fully Booked VA system

Fully Booked VA cost

If you do the math on the yearly option, that comes out to less than $100 a month as opposed to $165 a month ($199 with 3 pay) for the 3-month option.  You do whatever feels right to you!  I just wanted to break the numbers down a bit just to show the difference in price per month.  Gina says that about half of her students take the yearly and the other half do the 3 months.

Don’t forget about the guarantee that is available to you as well!

Join Fully Booked VA!

Highly Recommend The Webinar!

As I was researching the Fully Booked VA program, I was strongly considering leading everyone through the webinar.  Why?  Because it is so jam-packed with information (plus Gina throws in a few bonuses for checking it out as well).  Also, if you are unwilling to sit through a webinar then a home business is probably not going to be your cup of tea but I also realize that your time is precious so I understand that everyone’s process is going to be different.webinar screen shot

In the end, I did offer other ways to look into it because I realize that not everyone is going to want to watch it but I highly recommend watching it.  All you need to do is register for one of the time slots (yes, they are really live) and simply watch and take in the information.   If you are unable to attend you will get a link sent to you by email so you are able to watch a recording of it as well.

If you are unsure about what a virtual assistant business entails or are on the fence on whether this is the right move for you then you must watch the webinar and a lot of your questions will get answered.  You will also get a sense of the type of person that Gina is and will realize that she really wants to do everything in her power to help you to succeed.

Webinar Registration

Review Summary

When it comes right down to it, I truly believe that Fully Booked VA is an amazing opportunity for you to start a home business of your own.  Whether it’s simply something that you want to have as a side gig only working with a couple of clients or if you want to replace your current job both are excellent options.

With all of the different ways to offer your services to people, I guarantee that there are a few different things that you would love doing  (and already know how to do it) for those small businesses out there.  If learning how to become a virtual assistant is a completely new concept for you then I would highly recommend checking out the webinar as it is soooooo helpful in answering a lot of the questions you probably have.

The next step is up to you!  Below are a few options to learn more about this great program.

Fully Booked VA Webinar

Fully Booked VA Student Interviews

275+ VA Services

Fully Booked VA Mini-Course

Join Fully Booked Va

I hope that you have found this Fully Booked VA review helpful!  But, if I missed anything or if you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop them below in the comments and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

I am an affiliate with Fully Booked VA and earn a small commission AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU,  if you use the links provided through this review to join this amazing program.  I only ask that if you found value here that you use the links provided.

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