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Fujitsu iX500 ScanSnap Document Scanner Review

Fujitsu iX500 ScanSnap Document Scanner Review

If you are looking for a robust, fully loaded and reliable scanner then the Fujitsu iX500 ScanSnap document scanner may just be exactly what you are looking for. The options and features that are available with the particular scanner will easily compare or exceed any scanner out there. Let’s take a closer look at it to see exactly what you are going to get.

Able To Create Editable PDF Files

The iX500 comes with searchable PDF creation software which allows you to not just see and print data but edit your generated data however you like.

Along with this, it will generate passwords and personal ID’s which is ideal to keep personal information exactly that… personal! This day and age, the added security attached is a great added bonus available with this scanner.

USB Or Wi-Fi Connection To Smartdevice Or PC

USB 3.0 support offers high-speed paper feeding performance equal to more expensive high volume scanners on the market. Wi-Fi connectivity is available for either PC more MAC.

It also has the unique ability to link to your own iPad, iPhone or any Android device. It comes with the latest GI processing engine and ScanSnap Connect App to deliver top-notch scanned images which can then be saved to any device. They can then be later edited or retrieved at a later date for use.

ScanSnap Sync

Sync all of your scanned documents on your ScanSnap Organizer on your computer and the ScanSnap Connect App on any mobile device by using Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive.

ScanSnap Sync automatically syncs between your computer and any mobile device. This also allows for seamless linking to Cloud Services as well.

You are able to scan directly to SugarSync, Salesforce, Google Docs, Dropbox and Evernote.

Features And Specifications

There are a ton of cool features that come with your new Fujitsu iX500 ScanSnap document scanner. Let’s see what all you can expect to get:

  • Single-button PDF creation
    Fast monochrome, greyscale and color scan speeds of twenty-five double-sided pages per minute
  • Super advanced paper feeding system with 50 page ADF (Automatic Document Feeder)
  • Wireless scan to iOS, Android, MAC or PC or to PC or Mac via USB
  • Cloud scanning without mobile device or computer (ScanSnap Cloud)
  • Ability to create editable PDF files
  • Ability to scan several types of paper including magazines articles and business cards
  • Super smart Quick Menu
  • Flexible operation with ScanSnap Folder
  • ScanSnap Sync
  • ScanSnap Receipt
  • Organizes and scans business card info
  • Superfast 25 ppm color scanning
  • Built-in GI microprocessor
  • Quick Menu Productivity

Customer Reviews And Scores

Of course, you are not just going to take my word for it. You also need to see what others are saying about it as well.

I took the liberty of including a screenshot of a few different reviews from Amazon so that you can see what others are saying.

ix500 reviews



This gives an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars! After doing a little more research on the ratings’ system on Amazon, you will be hard-pressed to find many other products with a better rating.

overall rating


Of course, to be fair I took a look at the reviews that gave this product a 1-star rating to see what the case is with the poor reviews. For the most part, the main issue had to do with the installation of the scanner.

And out of those, most problems seem to have been user error when installing. In other words, most of the issues could have been easily been fixed if the users had asked for some support.


An overwhelming majority of buyers of the Fujitsu iX500 ScanSnap document scanner have been extremely pleased with their purchase. With all the bells and whistles that are included, all of your home business scanning jobs have just become much easier and more efficient.

With ScanSnap Sync and having the ability to connect to Wi-Fi this scanner truly will make your business a little bit easier.

It is also a great way to reduce storage space, paper clutter as well as security risks when it comes to your important paperwork lying around the office.

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