Certified Bookkeeping Classes Online That Work!

You can get your feet wet with the most basic of bookkeeping courses, but if you want true credibility as a professional then don’t stop there! Look into certified bookkeeping courses online and let potential clients know that their finances are in good hands when it comes to bookkeeping for any company-wide issue or handling their day to day transactions.

A simple search will give plenty of examples of different types of certifications available online today so do some research before deciding what is best suited for yourself.

How do you differentiate between all the different options available to you? In my opinion, you want a certification to be tough to get. Simply gaining certification by going through a course may look good on paper to potential clients but is that really going to help you out?

What I mean is this… A true certification should not be an easy thing to accomplish. You should have to work and study to obtain it. By doing this, not only will you have it to show potential clients but YOU will know that you know your stuff.

You will know what it took to obtain it and in return, will give you the confidence to go after those people searching for an amazing bookkeeper.

So now you understand why it’s important to put the work in to gain some sort of certification but where do you go to get it? What certification can you earn where potential clients will say, “I know that this bookkeeper knows their stuff”!

Bookkeeper Launch Certification

This is where Bookkeeper  Launch comes into play. Maybe you have heard of Bookkeeper Launch before, maybe not. Regardless of where you are in your journey of starting your own business from home, know that BL is the premier bookkeeping course anywhere.

In an effort to not get off track here (because I tend to do just that from time to time) I will show you more about the BL program as a whole in a moment. Let’s get back to the certification.

Last year, Ben Robinson, the creator of the BL course added the ability to gain certification after completing the entire course. As you progress through the course you will be required to take, and pass, a series of quizzes.

These quizzes not only cover the actual bookkeeping fundamentals but also over the marketing training as well. When you finish the course you will then take a final exam in both bookkeeping and marketing.

Once you have passed both, you then go through a 3rd party to get your certification which can then be used to market yourself as a professional bookkeeper. And trust me when I say that you WILL be a professional bookkeeper when you finish.

Your potential clients can even check through the 3rd party that your certification is real. The more rigorous that the certification is, the more confident you will be when you are finished.

Why Bookkeeper Launch?

Like I mentioned earlier, there are a number of choices to consider when looking to choose which class to take. There are plenty of online universities you can choose from but my recommendation would be to go through Bookkeeper Launch.

Why I recommend them is simple. BL is the best that there is! Ben Robinson, the creator of Bookkeeper  Launch prides himself on showing you not to simply learn how to become a bookkeeper but how to become the best bookkeeper possible.

This is what separates this course from everything else out there. In return, you are able to demand premium rates for being an amazing bookkeeper. How much can you make after going through Bens’ course? How does an average of $80 an hour sound?  Hopefully, at this point, I was able to spark an interest in what BL has to offer, and hopefully, you want to do a little more research. To do this, simply head on over to my full review to get a detailed look as to what Bookkeeper Launch has to offer.

After looking at all the different certified bookkeeping classes online, there is no doubt that Bookkeeper Launch is the best out there

Got questions? Feel free to drop them below and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.


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