Bookkeeping Online Courses: 2 Paths You Can Take

So, you are thinking about learning how to become a bookkeeper.  Great!  Now, the important question becomes, out of all the bookkeeping online courses out there, how do I know which one is best for me?

I will say this, there is no need to make your choice any harder than it needs to be, I’ll explain what I mean in a second here.  You need to start by asking yourself the following questions.

Which one should you seriously consider? How do you know which is the best one? Are you looking to just learn bookkeeping to work for someone else or to start your own bookkeeping business?

Once you are able to answer those, the process becomes much easier in knowing which one to go with.  Let’s break down your options and see what we can come up with.

Learn Bookkeeping Through Online Universities

As far as simply learning how to do bookkeeping and choosing to work for someone else, there are a variety of different online universities that you are able to use to accomplish just that.

After doing just a bit of research on a few of the different online universities they all, on the surface, look pretty similar to one another. In saying this, you may have to dig a little deeper on your own to try to find the best one.

The nice thing is that you are able to check out the course syllabus and pricing ahead of time to help you to see which one is the best for you. I have included a few of the top options below for you to take a look at.

Penn Foster University

Ashworth College

Molly College

US Career Institute

These seem to be some of the more popular ones but there are others out there. If you choose to go this route, keep in mind that these courses simply show you how to do bookkeeping… not how to start a bookkeeping business. In other words, how to work for someone else as a bookkeeper.

What if you are looking for more? Have you ever considered starting your own bookkeeping business?

Bookkeeper Launch

Bookkeeping, in general, may be a completely new concept for you. In addition to that, you may not have ever considered starting your own bookkeeping business.

The good news is that with Bookkeeper Launch, both can be accomplished even if you have zero experience in either bookkeeping or business.

This course started back in mid-2016 and to date has trained well over 10,000 students on how to become a top-notch bookkeeper and how to effectively market your very own bookkeeping business.

I said top-notch bookkeeper because that is exactly what this course shows you what to do. The creator of the course, Ben Robinson, realized that while there are a lot of bookkeepers out there, very few do the necessary things to provide value to their clients.

There is so much more to bookkeeping than just making sure the numbers add up, but unfortunately, this is where most bookkeepers stop. By learning how to go above and beyond for your clients not only will you ensure that your clients will stick around for years to come but will also all but guarantee a thriving bookkeeping business.

Everything In One Place

In my opinion, one of the best-selling points about Bookkeeper Launch is the fact that you will get EVERYTHING you will ever need to know in one place.

There is no need to worry about purchasing additional training once you are on the inside. To my knowledge, there is no other program out there where you can learn bookkeeping and business and marketing together.

In addition to that, the marketing training is obviously geared towards bookkeeping, not some watered-down course.

Do you want to focus on marketing your business online or offline… or both? I know the thought about finding clients online may seem far-fetched to you (I used to think the same thing). The reality is though that business owners are simply looking for excellent bookkeepers and couldn’t care less whether you are in the same town or 2000 miles away.

Technology makes virtual bookkeeping not only possible but also as if you were in the same room having a face-to-face conversation with your clients showing them how they can improve their bottom lines.

It Takes How Long?

Roughly speaking, whether you decide to take the traditional online course route to learn just bookkeeping or jump on Bookkeeper Launch you are looking at around 3-4 months to get through the course.

Depending on your time available and your experience this may take less or more time. The nice thing about this is that you are able to go through the learning modules at your own pace so you don’t have to worry about falling behind.

The Bookkeeper Launch course is designed to be gone through in 10 weeks. Again, you are able to go through this at your own pace but understand that you can have an up and running bookkeeping business in under three months!

One other awesome point that needs mentioning is that Ben also talks about how it is even possible to have your first client before you even finish the course.

I know that you may be screaming BS but I have seen it with my own eyes time and time again students securing clients while they were still going through the training.

In saying that, obviously there are a lot of different factors that come into play here such as getting your brand out there and your drive to get things moving, but this is possible.

To Sum Things Up

You basically have two options when looking into the world of bookkeeping online. If simply learning bookkeeping and looking to work for someone else is what you are looking for then one of the universities mentioned above should do the trick.

If you are looking for more by learning how to start your own business then you need to look more into the Bookkeeper Launch program.

If the thought of learning how to start your very own bookkeeping business intrigues you then you need to look further into the Bookkeeper Launch program by heading over to my complete review.

There you will get to see what the course is all about including a course syllabus so that you can see for yourself what you will get once you are on the inside.

I know that you probably have a lot of questions racing through your head at this point but there is a good chance that most of them will be answered by heading over to my review of Bookkeeper Launch.

When it comes down to all the bookkeeping online courses available, I can tell you with complete confidence that this would be my top recommendation.

Got something to say? Drop it below in the comments and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!