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Bookkeeper Launch Interview With Kristi Gelas

From time to time, I enjoy bringing you new student interviews with actual people that have already gone through the Bookkeeper Launch course.  After all, what better way to get a sense of what things will be like than by actually hearing from real people?

If there is any doubt at all about the legitimacy of the course itself, there is no denying that after you are able to read firsthand how others have taken advantage and followed the training.  You will also notice that Kristi didn’t have any previous experience either which is another point that I like to make throughout this site, that it is not a problem if you don’t have any previous experience as a bookkeeper.

Below is a quick little interview with Kristi Gelas.  As you read through, take note of how many clients she has only after a year and a half!  I hope you enjoy it.

Bookkeeper Launch Student Interview With Kristi Gelas

When did you first join Bookkeeper Business Launch?student headshot

May 2017

Did you have any previous bookkeeping experience before Bookkeeper Launch?

No. I was a Business Manager. My experience was more coding invoices, auditing payroll, reviewing financial reports, budgeting and forecasting, running multiple departments, and other various functions. Basically, the spoke in the wheel of our operation.

How about any previous experience running your own business?

Yes. When I was 23 I opened a coffee shop and a guide service. We did half-assed accounting with excel. My accountant actually asked me if I wanted a job after our first year, lol.

Were you worried that Bookkeeper Launch was a scam when you first considered joining? If so, what changed your mind?

No, I was not worried. I watched the intro videos and did the research for a month or two before committing.

What was your overall impression of the training?

The videos were informative, with tons of great information. Almost too much to take in!

How long did it take you to go through the entire course?

Honestly, I still have not gone through the entire course. I focused on the fundamentals and any other videos that were bookkeeping knowledge-based. Now I go back from time to time and find the videos that pertain to the information that I need at that moment.

Did you find the Facebook support group to be helpful?

The FB group is invaluable. Now I enjoy helping other students and seeing everyone’s success. I have even formed bonds with a few people and met one other.

Do you think anyone can learn to become a bookkeeper?

Absolutely not. You MUST be a numbers person and detail-oriented.

What do you think are the most important traits in running a successful bookkeeping business?

Integrity, Organized, Detail Oriented and you need to be personable.

How long did it take to land your first client?

From the start of the class, 6 months. From the launch of my business, instantly. My second client took 3 more months and my growth was slow over the first year. Perfectly slow. How many clients do you have now? I just signed my 16th, after 22 months.

Does your bookkeeping business focus on a particular niche?

Not at this time, but my clients are all super cool!

As a whole, what is your overall impression of the Bookkeeper Launch course?

For me, the course was a must. I enjoy Ben’s personality and his interaction in the group. The course is incredibly in-depth and the fact that he continues to develop it and add other supplemental courses is a huge added value.

Any final thoughts or advice that you would like to offer to anyone considered joining?

My advice would be not to come into this thinking you are going to have instant success. You have to keep a positive attitude, work hard, and be willing to give a little to get anything. I feel that living in a small, tight-knit community has helped me to get my name out there. I imagine living in a larger area would be more difficult to break into.

Thanks, Kristi!

First off, I wanted to thank Kristi for taking the time to answer some quick questions about the Bookkeeper Launch course.  Hopefully, it gives you a little more insight into what it takes to run your very own bookkeeping business.

If you would like to check out Kristi’s Bookkeeping site you can check out the link below

By chance, if this is the first time you have heard about the Bookkeeper Launch course then the next logical step is to head on over for my complete and detailed review of the course itself.  Here you will learn everything you need to know and how you can learn if this could be the right business model for you as well.

If you happen to have any questions or anything else to add, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below and I will get back to you ASAP!

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