2022 Bookkeeper Launch Review… Why It’s The Best

2022 Bookkeeper Launch (Bookkeepers.com) Review

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What Is Bookkeeper Launch (Bookkeepers.com)?

Simply put, Bookkeeper Launch is a way for you to learn bookkeeping and how to get clients with a work-from-home platform.  Every single detail is covered in this course.  

Since Bookkeeper Launch started up back in 2015, over 8000 students have taken this course and have been able to start wildly successful bookkeeping businesses for themselves.  If you are new to this course please be sure to read through the entire review to get a good feel of everything that Bookkeeper Launch has to offer.

To start with, know that previous bookkeeping experience is NOT needed to learn how to become a bookkeeper with Bookkeeper Launch. When all is said and done, you WILL know everything you will possibly need to succeed.

On top of that, you are shown exactly how to bring in potential clients and how to get your business off the ground as fast as possible. In fact, it is even possible to have your first client before you even finish the course.

You will also have lifetime access as well as any and all updates without ever having to pay again.

In August 2019 Inc.com ranked Bookkeeper Launch #211 on its annual 5000 list.  This is the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fasted growing private companies.

The Creator Of Bookkeeper Launch, Ben Robinson, Who Is He?

To help determine the legitimacy of a program, you should always start with the creator of the program itself. By simply doing a little research you can usually quickly determine if it is a good program or not.headshot

After doing my due diligence on who Ben Robinson is and his story, I was easily able to gain a sense of legitimacy and sincerity for his willingness to help others build their bookkeeping businesses from scratch. Here are some notable highlights from Ben’s past:

I thought this would help you out and save you some research time so that you can see that Ben is who he says he is.

resume screenshot part 1

resume screenshot part 2

These snippets from Ben’s past alone should allow you to truly see who Ben is and the character and willingness he has to help others succeed. Not to mention, he is a pretty darn good CPA!

Rest easy knowing that he has no shady history and really does have YOUR best interests at heart.

Bookkeeping Training Classes For Free

Here is the great part about Bookkeeper Launch, when you initially sign up, you are going to get three lessons for free!

In these 3 videos, Ben goes over certain criteria and traits that make a great bookkeeper. He also goes into the expenses that go into starting your new business. Rest easy, these three starter videos are 100% free!.

Within the starter videos, Ben lays out the foundation of the Bookkeeper Launch program and fills you in on some positives and negatives of beginning your own bookkeeper business.

He also talks about the price of the Bookkeeper Launch program (trust me when I say that it really is a bargain) along with all the other supplies that you will need to get your business up and running.

There are zero surprises when it comes to the cost and there is no need to worry about any upsells. You will know exactly what to expect before you dish out a single dime!

He also goes into great detail on evaluating yourself to make sure you have the right mindset to become a great bookkeeper and run your own business. He will tell you that if you’re not sure if you can follow through, then you should more than likely move along to other things.

Does that sound like someone that is simply after your money? Below are the three free videos that you will receive when you decide to check things out for yourself.

  • Class #1- Why Bookkeeping Rocks
  • Class #2- Your Recipe For Success
  • Class #3- Start Your Biz + Get Your First Client

Watch The Free Training!

What’s Inside Of Bookkeeper Launch?

Let’s jump into the program itself and break it down. After all, you want to be able to easily follow a program like this since you will be learning a brand new skill set.

A quick little disclaimer here. Keep in mind that the layout of the site may change from time to time since Ben is constantly adding material to the course and trying to improve his students’ overall experience. So what you see in this review may be different from what the site looks like when you enter.

The nuts and bolts of the training are broken down into 2 different modules:

course overview


  • Clients: Through these training modules you will learn exactly how to get your business out there and find prospects for your new venture
  • Skills: These will teach you everything needed to learn how to do the actual bookkeeping itself.

class systems screenshot

course overview skills and clientsAfter going through all the tabs shown above, you will have all the skills needed to create a thriving bookkeeping business for yourself.

What Will You Find Inside Each Module?

Inside each module, there are a series of videos to watch along with A PDF file, a PowerPoint presentation, and DOC form, all of which you can download to help with training and note-taking.

training module


Each module then contains a number of topics:

drop down menu

Are You Just Getting Bookkeeping Basics?

No! You can rest easy knowing that when you complete your training you will know everything you need to know to get your business off the ground running!

With BBL 3.0 Ben is adding additional training modules.  One of the brand new modules deals with understanding taxes.  Keep in mind that you do not learn how to prepare taxes but Ben understands that it is important to at least have an understanding of them.

There you have it, now you know that Bookkeeper Launch is not a basic bookkeeping course.

Would you like to see the complete course syllabus for yourself?  Of course, you would!  Take a peek at a quick rundown of everything you will learn on the inside by clicking here!

Bookkeepers.com Certificate Of Completion

This is also brand new to the 3.0 version at Bookkeepers.com.  As you move through the course, you must complete all quizzes and tests.  After that, you will have to pass two final exams.  One on bookkeeping and the other on marketing.

Once completed, you request your certificate from a third party and can then be used to market yourself as a professional bookkeeper.  Your clients will even be able to check the authenticity of your certificate.

Advanced LinkedIn Training With Melonie Dodaro

I thought it would be important to point out one important aspect of the bonus training that you will receive.  It’s possible, depending on your niche, that LinkedIn will play a big role in your marketing efforts.headshot of Melonie Dodaro

Insert Melonie Dodaro.  If you have never heard of her before, you are going to want to take notice.  Melonie is the author The LinkedIn Code and is considered to be one of the best marketers in the industry with her focus being on LinkedIn.

Once on the inside, you will get free in-depth training from Melonie herself as she agreed to team up with Ben to provide this awesome bonus to Bookkeeper Launch students.  I have gone through the videos myself and this really is amazing stuff.

If you like to take a look at her website to find out more about what she is all about you can do so below.


Office Hours

Office Hours is a brand new feature also being added.  If you happen to get stuck on something when dealing with a client you are able to request one-on-one help to get the issue resolved.  To begin with, this service will be offered every other week so you will simply fill out a request form to get started.

Legal Lunch

Also brand new is the Legal Lunch feature that will be included.  Here you will be able to ask legal questions that deal with your bookkeeping business with a business attorney that Ben will be bringing on once a month.  All sessions will be recorded so that you are able to access past sessions at any time.

What Additional Resources Are Available?

Let’s move on to the Resources tab to find out what else is needed to be a successful bookkeeper from the comfort of your own home.  Within the resource tab you will find the following:

  • Course syllabus (which I just showed you in the above screenshots)
  • Suggested Study Track
  • Goal Sheet
  • Sample Report (7 Bookkeeping Mistakes)
  • Lead Magnet Ideas From Digital Marketer
  • Color-Coded Checklist
  • Consultation Question Ideas
  • Sample Proposal
  • Sample Engagement Letter
  • Client Startup Checklist
  • Entity Comparison Chart
  • Sample Chart Of Accounts
  • Clean-Up Checklist
  • Chart Of Accounts For Personal Finances
  • Loan Amortization
  • Sample ACH/Recurring Payment Form
  • Notes- Type out all of your notes instead of using notepads and have them saved and organized on the Bookkeeper Launch site.
  • Pricing Calculator to assist students in pricing proposals

You might be curious about security features as well since you will be dealing with other business owners’ finances. Trust me, Ben has you covered!  Know that your future client’s finances will be protected with the latest and best features.Xero and Quickbooks logos

Also included in the resource tab is a video that walks you through your all-important Xero and Quickbooks Certification.  It is also important to point out that you are able to get your Xero certification for free as a student of Bookkeeper Launch.  This alone is a value of $249.00! 

Please note that this could change without notice.

Live Bookkeeping Q&A Webinars

The final option in the resource tab is an archive of previous live Q&A sessions. If you are not able to catch these events live, you can simply click this tab and check them out any time you like.

Q&A sessions

There are hundreds of hours of students picking Ben’s brain, so you can imagine how valuable these recordings can be.


What About Support?

Inside Bookkeeper Launch is a private group page where you are able to ask questions, look for inspiration, or to share your successes. When you’re looking to work from home, I truly believe there is no better support system than from the actual people that are or have already, personally gone through the course.

You will also have the ability to personally email Ben himself with any pressing issues you may come across. Although, I should say that I have been following the group for quite a while now and I can tell you that there are some VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE students that are more than willing to lend you a hand.

Certified Digital Bookkeeper

Ben is also in the process of creating his own certification for bookkeepers.  This will be available, not just for Bookkeeper Launch students, but for any bookkeeper out there.  His goal is for this to be the best possible certification out there for bookkeepers to have.

For his students, you must have obtained your Certificate of Completion through the course.  You must have 1 year of experience and, obviously, pass the final exam.  You will also be a member of the Digital Bookkeeper Association.

What Makes Bookkeeper Launch Different?

If you have done any research at all on learning about becoming a bookkeeper, then you know that there are other options out there in the online world.  So what makes this course different from all the others out there?  There are 2 things that put BL at the top of the list.

  1. Learn to be the best – Ben teaches you how to go above and beyond for your clients.  Anyone can learn to be a number cruncher but knowing how to provide tons of value to your clients is what is going to give you a huge edge over your competition.
  2. Become a 21st-century bookkeeper – Technology is advancing at supersonic speed these days.  Ben teaches you how technology can be your friend as a bookkeeper and not to worry about being replaced by AI down the road.  There are simply some things that computers will never be able to do and you need to learn to excel in those particular skill sets.

What Does Bookkeeper Launch Cost?

You have 3 different payment options to choose from:

  • Bookkeeper Launch Pro –  $2,499 $1750 through August 17th
  • 12 Pay option – $249 $180 through August 17th
  • Bookkeeper Launch Premium $2,999 $2100 through August 17th
  • 12 Pay Premium option – $299 $210 through August 17th
  • Bookkeeper Launch Team  $4999
  • 12 Pay Team Options – $499

different bookkeeping options

Let’s try to break down these different options a bit so that you can get a better idea of what you are getting.

Bookkeeper Launch Pro $2,499 $1750 through August 17th

Bookkeeper Launch System – Of course, you get the actual course that you signed for including any and all updates that come down the road.  

Resource Library Access – Everything on this inside is recorded so you will have access to all the previous training sessions that you can go back and listen to anytime

Hacks and Facts – this is a short bonus course that Ben prepared where he simply has a roundtable discussion with some of his students talking about how they overcame specific challenges they came across while running their businesses.

Profit Maximizers – This added course is all about the world of Accounts Payable and how you can help take some of the burdens off your client’s hands.

1099 Blitz (Recently Added) – This is a crash course on how to successfully add preparing 1099s during tax season

Bookkeeper Launch Premier $2,999 $2100 through August 17th

Everything in Pro plus the added benefits of getting more personalized training From Ben himself including the short courses Fastest Path To Success and Avoiding Costly Mistakes

Unlimited Open Mic Sessions – These are meetings where you are able to ask or share anything with Ben himself and they take place once a week.  This is an amazing resource to have available to you for support and motivation.

Bookkeeper Launch Team $4,999

Obviously, you are going to get everything in Pro and Premier plus:

Marketing Machine – Teaches you how to become a marketing pro.  This course sells on its own for $2,995.

Outstanding Processes and People – This course focuses on how to hire others into your business and increase your profits.  This course sells alone for $2,995.

I just wanted to quickly point out that with the Team option, you would be getting $6000 worth of free courses with the Marketing Machine course and the Oustanding Processes and People course.  Depending on what your ultimate goals are for you and your business this is an excellent option to consider in the long run.

I also don’t want to overwhelm you!  You DO NOT need to purchase (now or ever) any of Ben’s additional courses to have a successful bookkeeping business.  They can make your life easier, make things happen much quicker, and help you to successfully scale your business much quicker for you but this is not a program where you are trapped into buying additional courses even though you don’t want to.

I need to also mention that Ben will occasionally have sales. They are completely random and one of the ways to know that these sales are taking place is to sign up for the intro courses and then you will be notified by email when one pops up.

I get it, we aren’t exactly talking pocket change here. What I can say is, in my humble opinion, the value that is built into this program, more than pays for itself a million times over.

Ben even touches on how it is entirely possible to have your first client secured before you even finish the course! That means you will have gotten your entire investment back, plus a profit, with your very first client.

Watch the intro videos then you will begin the see the value of this amazing program, that’s a promise!

Or, maybe you have watched the videos in the past and are ready to get going.  It may also be possible that you may already be familiar with bookkeeping and/or running your own business.  If this is you, feel free to dive right into the course now by heading here!

Bookkeepers.com Military Discount

You are now able to get a 30% discount on the program of your choice.  To be eligible, you must be on active duty/ retired or the spouse of an active duty/retired service member.  You will be required to provide proof to get the discount.

Consider This Scenario

Let’s look at this from a different angle, shall we?

What if a major university sent you a letter saying that it is launching a new degree and that:

  1. You will only have to take 1 class for 1 semester
  2. It will only cost you $2,499 to earn your degree
  3. You will be able to work from the comfort of your own home
  4. You could potentially be making money before you graduate
  5. Could make $100,000 a year minimum working 40 hours a week

Would you be signing up to attend that college? I would be willing to bet the answer would be a resounding yes! In fact, I would go so far as to say that you would likely do it without even knowing what the program even was!

Bookkeeper Launch is, in my opinion, like getting a top-notch education from an excellent college and no student loans are needed!

How Much Can You Make?

There are many factors that come into play so there is really no hard answer. Ben explains in your intro videos that when all is said and done, you will be making somewhere around $60- $80 an hour! Does that sound like a reasonable wage to you?  it’s important to note that I have seen some of Bens’ students make much more than this as well.

I also should mention that bookkeeping is the most profitable small business venture out there!

The screenshot below is courtesy of Inc.com.

bookkeeping profitable


Bookkeeper Launch Student Interviews

Below you can find a few interviews of Ben’s students to simply provide more proof that Bookkeeper Launch is the real deal. Feel free to check them out!

Holly Ferris Interview

Amy McLaughry Interview

Daniel Honan Interview

Andrea VonHovel Testimonial

Kristi Gelas Interview

You can also feel free to check out tons of student success stories by heading here!

Do People Actually Use Online Bookkeepers?

As I looked into this program, one of the biggest questions that seemed to pop up over and over again was, do people actually use bookkeepers online? Of course, some prefer to have a face-to-face encounter with their bookkeeper but the answer is still a resounding yes!

Take a quick look at a couple of links below to see for yourself the high demand out there for businesses looking for virtual bookkeepers on the internet:



As you can see, there are unlimited opportunities online. Keep in mind that the Bookkeeper Launch program suggests finding a specific niche to market to. In other words, you’ll keep your efforts focused on dental practices, for example.

BBB Rating

It is also a relief to know that Bookkeeper Launch is registered with the BBB and that it has an A+ rating. BBB rating

I took the liberty of taking a screenshot showing that there have been 413 positive reviews on 0 negative as of the time of this writing in case you didn’t want to check it out yourself.

If you would like to check things out for yourself, you can do so by clicking here to see what others are saying.


student reviews

student reviews 2


Is Bookkeeper Launch A Scam?

Bookkeeper Launch is in no way, shape, or form a scam!

I have spent months now going through all the different training throughout the course and can truly say that this is the most impressive bookkeeping program online!

Additionally, Ben also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee! He understands that it is possible to get started with the course only to figure out that it may not be for you.30 day guarantee

If it turns out that this isn’t for you, know that the average response time to get your refund is 72 minutes!  It really is a zero hassle.  Note that they are closed on the weekends and government holidays.

As with any legitimate work-from-home program, the only thing that can get in your way… is yourself. Does it take work to make it happen? Absolutely! The great news is that Bookkeeper Launch provides every piece of the puzzle to make it work, you simply have to put the pieces together.


Do Yourself A Favor

If you are still not sure, do yourself a favor and, at the very least, get the 3 free videos that introduce the program and break everything down for you.

Ben Robinson himself will explain everything in great detail. By the end of the videos, you should know for sure if this is something that you want to pursue.

It would take a 10,000-word review to truly show everything in detail. But, I understand how precious your time is so I encourage you to simply watch the three intro videos.

There is no need to worry about providing any credit card information or anything like that. You get the three videos simply for signing up.  




I Have One Simple Request

I hope that you have found this Bookkeeper Launch review helpful in making a decision on whether it’s right for you. If not, I wish you the best of luck in finding the right program. If so, great, I simply ask that you sign up through the links provided within this review.  If you are still undecided, simply bookmark this page so that you are able to come back when you make the choice to take the next step.

Name:      Bookkeeper Launch

Website:  https://bookkeeper.com

Price:        Bookkeeper Launch Pro          $2,499 (12 Pay $249)

                    Bookkeeper Launch Premium $2,999 (12 Pay $299)

                    Bookkeeper Launch Team       $4,999 (12 Pay $499)

Owner: Ben Robinson

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to drop a comment below and I will be sure to back get to you!


I am an affiliate with Bookkeeper Launch, so it is safe to say that this review contains affiliate links where I earn commission by referring others to this amazing program.  There are no additional costs passed on to you by signing up through this site (Bookkeepers Paradise).  I take great pride in creating a site that focuses almost entirely on Bookkeeper Launch, as well as, other courses that Ben may offer down the road.  I do whatever I can to provide you with any and all information and updates through this site.  If you like what you read, I kindly ask that you use the links provided here should you decide to take advantage.  Now on to the review!


117 thoughts on “2022 Bookkeeper Launch Review… Why It’s The Best”

  1. hi Nate . Book Keeping wow, I never knew there was so much involved with bookkeeping , and I am very interested in it I was told by my better half that I should look into book keeping for all of my things that I am doing, so I will check this out, thank you so much for sharing,

    1. No problem Dennis. If you check things out further and have any other questions don’t hesitate swinging back by here to drop it in the comments, I am here to help. I have been working with this program for quite a while now and have a pretty good feel on how a majority of things work on the inside.

        1. Hi Chad!

          I can’t tell you to much since I have not gone through the course materials so it would be unfair for me to judge but I just did a little research and a few things did jump out.

          First, it looks like his main focus is on existing accounting firms and teaching these businesses how to market.

          Second, he uses the word accounting as opposed to bookkeeping which are two different things so I’m really not sure how bookkeeping related the material is.

          Third, I couldn’t find a price but after doing research it almost sounds like the price varies depending on your needs.

          Overall, I found it pretty difficult to get a whole lot of information in the short time I researched it so one thing I can say with complete confidence is that Bookkeeper Business Launch is much more transparent.

  2. A friend of mine has been doing the books for a local non-profit for many years, and she discovered that she really enjoyed it. She works part-time at another job, but spends more time with the non-profit, and finds it more enjoyable. She was considering going to college part time as well towards becoming an accountant…but after reading this opportunity, I think this would be the perfect thing!
    I’ll definitely pass this article on to her. Thanks for the great info!

    1. I’m sure she would love the course, Jay! There are no details left out. Ben talks about having certain traits to be a successful bookkeeper and it sounds like this would be right up your friends alley. I appreciate you passing this info on to her, hopefully it is a good fit for her!

    1. Thanks for the compliment Larry! Bookkeeping isn’t for everyone and I think that Ben does a great job of making you evaluate yourself beforehand before you commit to the course. Best of luck in whatever direction you head in!

  3. Hello Nate,
    Thank you for such an informative and concise article. I did not realize the potential in becoming a bookkeeper and the best part about it is that I can work from the comfort of my home – best selling point. I will check out the videos and see if it is something for me. I love the money back guarantee and Ben sounds like an honest person.
    Thanks so much for taking the time to share the information.

    1. Glad that I could help Michelle! I am sure that you will find them very interesting and you should know after watching them if bookkeeping is something that you want to learn or not. And yes, Ben is a stand up guy and he is always looking for new ways to help his students out by always adding new material and services to the course. Plus he was a extremely successful bookkeeper himself so he really knows what he is talking about.

  4. This is an extremely interesting insight. Bookkeeping is something I have always wanted to do but never had the time to look into it. With the information outlined in this post I finally have the information to continue on and progress with my interest. Thank you for highlighting this. I appreciate what you do for businesses.

    1. I am glad that I could help!  Bookkeeping is an excellent way to run a business from from as long as you have the drive to follow through the learning process and are not scared of numbers you will do great.

  5. This is a very interesting concept. With the world wide web it seems anything is possible. My daughter-in-law is a virtual assistant. She works for another company that provides her with the clients. I’m interesting is finding them on my own. How to you go about finding the right clients for the booking services you have to offer?

    1. Basically what you would do is focus on a particular niche. By doing this, you become an expert in that particular field and our able to provide lots of added value as opposed to a bookkeeper that will simply do anyone’s books. Ben also talks about how to simply choose clients that will show you the same respect that you will show them. He talks about how not to paint yourself into a corner by taking on clients that don’t respect your services and in return makes growing your business much more valuable and enjoyable.

  6. Hi there,
    Thanks for this article and the review on the Bookkeeper Business. I don’t believe in coincidence but I am in the market for a few months now to find something I can do by working from home.

    There is stuff out there but I am not so keen on marketing but rather learning something I can really use and might be affordable too.

    I will check it out for sure!
    Thanks again 🙂

    1. I hope that you decide to check out the free videos then. Not to worry, by the time you are done watching them you will know whether or not if bookkeeping is something you should pursue. Ben does a great job making you evaluate yourself before hand to make sure you have the right traits to make a great bookkeeper. Thanks for leaving a comment Sylvia!

  7. I think this is a wonderful idea, i man it ois very helpful and very detailed at that!,
    everybody should learn how to book keep for business thanks for the share.

  8. Sounds like a good program!

    I like the fact that you get three free lesson when you sign up.

    But, I LOVE the fact that “he also goes into great detail on evaluating yourself to make sure you have the right mindset to become a great bookkeeper and run your own business.”

    I think that this is so key when investing money to do something like this!

    This alone makes me think that this program is legit!

    1. I completely agree Clyde! It is so refreshing to know that an owner of a program such as this will basically tell you that you shouldn’t do it if you don’t have the traits that it takes to make it as a bookkeeper. Really, that is part of what makes Bookkeeper Business Launch such a great opportunity. You will have a pretty good idea of what to expect even before you start as opposed to a mass majority of other programs online.

  9. Book keeping is not my strong point hence why I found my way your great site.
    Thanks for sharing the review on this great program. It seem just what I need to help me in my business.
    I appreciate the detail you have provided and I love the 30 day money back guarantee.

    1. No problem Vince! The nice thing about the 30 day money back guarantee is that your not going to be bothered or convinced to stick with it. You either realize that this is what you want or you decide that it’s not. If it’s not then there are no questions asked and you get every dime back. Ben realizes that some people will realize that this program simply isn’t for them and that is all right.

  10. I’ve always had an interest in mathematics and accounts, so this sort of things has always tempted me as a career choice. It’s definitely something I’d need to look further into, though your review is fantastic and offers loads of information.

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback James! If you really enjoy working with numbers then i would highly suggest that you check out the free videos to further explain the course and some expectations to look forward to. I have been promoting BBL for quite some time now and can honestly say that its the best out there and that you wouldn’t be disappointed. Hope that you decide to give some more thought!

  11. Hi Nathan,
    Thanks for letting me know about this great product. I have actually never heard of this product before. I didn’t even realise that online bookkeeping was a “Thing”.
    I don’t think you mentioned it specifically in your post, but I think that BBL might be American. Is that correct? If yes, how will I know that the debits and credits are being allocated properly according to the laws in my country? Is there an “international version” available? Cheers

    1. Yes it is a thing and becoming more and more popular with the advances in technology. Also, BBL works no matter where you are from. It teaches you bookkeeping dealing with American dollars but bookkeeping concepts are pretty much the same no matter where you are from. All certifications that you can achieve within the course are also global whether its Quickbooks or Xero.

  12. I just ran across an article on this a couple days ago. It sounded legit at first glimpse, and I was tempted. After reading your review, I have no doubt it’s the real deal. Thanks for such an in depth look!

  13. Hi Nate, I have joined a few training programs but the bookkeeper business launch sounds as one of the most complete I have seen until now.

    I was thinking to get started with affiliate marketing or something similar but a bookkeeping business it may be the answer to my problem,

    I will take the three videos, thanks for the review!

    1. Enjoy the free videos!  After you check them out you should have a pretty good idea on whether or not bookkeeping is a good fit for you.  Be sure to let me know what you think of them and if you have any questions be sure to let me know and I see what I can do to get it answered for you.

  14. Okay, this is awesome. I am a CPA but I work in a corporate environment as an Analyst. I would love to earn some extra income or do this full time from home. I have been looking for a program on how to get started with my own bookkeeping business and this seems to fit the bill. My only concern is the cost, do they ever offer any kind of discount? The part I am most interested in is marketing myself as a bookkeeper. I think I would catch on pretty quick to the technical side. Anyway, thank you for this very thorough review, I will certainly have to check it out.

    1. Yes, on occasion Ben does offer discounts but they are very random so you never really know when they take place… they just pop up.  Depending on the timing of you signing up for the free training, you could receive notice of any sales to take place that way or you can opt in to my newsletter.  Doing that, I can promise you that you would know about them ASAP.

      I know that the course is not cheap.  What I can tell you is that Ben does an excellent job with the free training videos to help you decide on whether bookkeeping is a good fit for you along with the 30 day money back guarantee that he offers.  He doesn’t want anyone to throw their money away.

      Once you understand everything that you get inside the training you realize that the price is actually pretty good.  In addition to that, it is very possible to have your first client even before you finish the course which would pretty much pay for everything.  The low start-up costs that go along with starting your own bookkeeping business is one of the cool things about it.

  15. I have heard of this course and the wonderful results that people have gotten from it through Facebook. Do you have to be a sales type of person in order to secure clients?

    Also, do you have some kind of idea what the tax course contains as I see that it has been 2 weeks since it launched according to your update? Does it teach about how to deal with IRS regulations and certifications? Would I get those certifications through this course?

    1. How are you doing Jessie.  Ben talks about how he hates the word sales when it comes to marketing your business so I would have to say no… there is no need to have that sales or outgoing type of personality.  The reason behind is simply for the fact that every single business needs to have their books done.  It is simply a matter of getting them to choose you.  You accomplish this by showing the value that you will add as a bookkeeper and why you are better than any other bookkeeper out there… which you WILL be after you are done with thew course.

      As far as Tax Business Launch is concerned, I don’t have any new info as of yet.  Right now he has a test group of Bookkeeper Business Launch students going through the course to see what kinds of improvements or changes might need to be made before it is offered to the public.  

      As far as certifications are concerned while I don’t have any solid answers yet, if it’s anything like the BBL course I can only imagine that there will be certifications to show that you are a legit and trusted tax adviser.

      If your are interested in getting updates feel free to sign up for my newsletter and you will be the first to know when it goes live!

  16. Nathan,

    Thank you for sharing this! I wish I would of knew all of this back before I spent all that money on college. My girlfriend is an accountant and I wonder if this is something which might interest her. The review is very thorough and sounds legit. Now that I know about this, I believe Bookkeeper Business would be a great investment for anyone looking to get into this type of business.


    1. Yes Kyle, a lot of people that are already bookkeepers or accountants take advantage of this course to be able to go out on there own instead of working for someone else so I would have her take a look and see what she thinks. I think we all have those moments when we say to ourselves, I wish I would have found this earlier. It’s simply a matter of trusting your gut and taking action. Thanks for leaving a comment and I hope that she likes whats she sees and if you or her have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

  17. This is a great, very thorough review of this program. I’m always skeptical about training programs that proclaim it’s all you need to get started on a business, but this one does sound pretty legit. I like the fact that you can view the first 3 lessons are free so you can get a feel if the program is right for you or not.

    For me, I think the price is a little high right now. I would have to start this as a side business and I’m not sure how quickly I could make back that money. It sounds like a business like this would need someone that is also good at sales and marketing so that they can get some good clients, do you agree? I’m curious how difficult that is or does the learning help you out in that area.

    Thanks for sharing a very informative review! ~Jen

    1. Thanks for the comment Jen.  As far as the marketing goes, you don’t need to be some sales pro or anything like that.  Ben talks about the fact that every single business needs to have a bookkeeper. Whether that is hiring someone to do it for them or doing it themselves (most don’t even consider this option).  There is a MASSIVE demand for great bookkeepers, it’s simply a matter of learning how to put your business in front of the right people and that is what Ben hows you how to do.  So really, your not selling anything.  The training, in my opinion , is top-notch so as long as you are willing to learn and take action you will have a thriving bookkeeping business on your hands.

  18. Antonis Christonasis

    Hello Nathan!

    To be honest, I’ve never heard of this website before, but it seems really interesting. The only thing that makes me skeptical is the amount of money you have to pay in order to “unlock” all the courses. From the things you said it looks like a good investment, but would you suggest me purchasing it that I have no clue in bookkeeping?

    1. I understand that for many, there is going to be a little bit of sticker shock when they see they price.  In fact, I was the same way when I first ran into it.  But, once you see and understand what you get with the training you understand the true value you are getting.  The great thing about Bookkeeper Business Launch is that you don’t have to buy blind without knowing what your getting yourself into.

      Ben offers 3 free training videos (no credit card required) to help you determine whether this course is something you should do.  He does an excellent job at including the costs, expectations, and traits needed for this course to work for you.

      And if you decide that this isn’t something you should do then he offers a 30 day money back guarantee.  And you not going to have to jump through hoops to get your money back.  So I understand the concern but if this is something that really interests you then why not get the course and take the 30 days to decide if this is something you should pursue.

  19. Honestly, no matter how high a certain training program is priced, as long as the students are getting more value than what they have paid in, then for me it’s worth joining. And this seems like a good one.

    Does this program accept applicants from all countries of the world? I am from the Philippines and I am interested to know more about this.

    1. Your right Gomer, it is simply a matter of whether you see the value in the course or not.  I hope I do an effective job of showing that.  As far as the investment it takes to start your own bookkeeping business, compared to any other legit business the comparison is pennies on the dollar.  To answer your question, Bookkeeper Business Launch IS for anyone anywhere in the world.  The only thing is, it’s only available in English and the course is taught using US dollars but bookkeeping is bookkeeping no matter what currency you are using.

  20. Hi Nate, thank you for your very comprehensive review of this program. It looks like a good way to earn a recognized qualification in this area at a reasonable cost. Do you know the earning potential of a bookkeeper? How long before you could make your money back? Do you need prior knowledge or can anyone succeed? Do you know how much time you need to invest in studying? Thanks again.

    1. Thanks Anita!  The earning potential is really up to you and how many clients you are looking to take on.  You can even get into looking at hiring other bookkeepers as well to make even more money.  It really depends what your goals are.  To get a breakdown on the earning potential check out this post!  

      As far as how long it takes to make your money back, you would pretty much be in the black with your first client.  It is simply a matter of how long it takes you to get that 1st one.  In saying that, it is very possible to have your entire investment back before you even finish the course.  

      Bookkeeper Business Launch is geared towards someone that has zero experience as a bookkeeper.  In fact, Ben talks says that if you do have knowledge as a bookkeeper coming into the course you will probably have to unlearn some things.  He does an excellent job at breaking everything down for you so that things are easy for you to understand. 

      Finally, the course is designed to be gone through in 10 weeks but this is by no means set in stone.  The time is takes you simply depends on how much time you have to go through the course.

  21. I very much appreciate your post here and I have read through it entirely. However, the interviews posted are with people who already had some business, bookkeeping or accounting background. Of which I have none. I do have a few years of online marketing experience, but, I was not successful in any of my ventures. How likely would you say a “newbie” like myself would be able to succeed? I am driven and focused on working for myself and I sincerely enjoy helping people and I do so within my family and for friends as often as possible. I believe I have the 7 personality traits Ben mentions, but, I do not have knowledge of taxes, numbers or business. Is this something that will hinder my ability to be successful?
    Thank you

    1. Thanks for reaching out Patti! As long as you have the drive you WILL be successful. Yes, there are a lot of people the take the course that do have prior experience but you, by no means, have to know anything about bookkeeping to get going with it.

      I have gone through some of the course myself to learn and educate myself on how the classes are taught and I can tell you that Ben teaches you as though you know absolutely nothing about bookkeeping. In fact, he talks about in the free training videos that he prefers in some ways that you don’t have any prior experience because you would actually have to unlearn some things by taking his course.

      I could also go so far as to say that you may have an edge since you have experience in marketing which is huge, at least as far as knowing what to expect and how marketing online (if that’s the way you choose to go) works.

      There is also no need to have any knowledge on taxes. This course is strictly bookkeeping and as far as the numbers are concerned… Ben talks about how there is no need to be a math genius by any means since you will have the software to crunch the numbers for you.

      Everything you are concerned about is thoroughly explained and taught on the inside. No stone is left unturned and you will NOT be left hanging. And the support that you get inside the private Facebook group when you do have questions truly is second to none!!

      I hope I was able to address everything for you and if you have anything else you are concerned about I am here to help!

  22. Hi Nate,
    thanks a lot for your in-depth review of this program. Sometimes it can be difficult to find out what a program is really like before making a commitment. With your review, I can now compare it to other programs and make an informed decision. Thanks again, especially for all the videos and access points to the program

  23. Hello, Nate
    Your review is inclusive and revealing of the niche’ Bookkeeping. I just had a co-worker that said his wife was interested in a sideline just like this niche’ you described. I am going to pass your website along to him.
    His wife is a stay at home mom and is currently looking to work from home. I believe that this would be perfect for them.
    Thanks for sharing your review.

    1. Please do Kevin and be sure to let them know that if they have any questions about BBL they can drop them here and I will be sure to get them answered!

  24. Man I wish Ben would wait until I get my tax return for that live coaching 🙁 February 6th is a little pushy
    Course he knows he’s going to very busy too so I can understand not taking any more students.

    1. Yeah I get the timing may be off for some but I would have to guess that he did this now because he is in the process of going through the 2nd round of training with current BBL students testing out the new Tax Business Launch course that is getting ready to launch. I would be willing to bet that there will be sale around tax time though Gregory. I really have no idea but he seems to time sales out around events like that. I would suggest signing up for the free training or signing up for my newsletter that way you will be sure to know when the next one takes place.

  25. While I don’t want to become a bookkeeper, I do see value in at least checking out the three complimentary courses that you listed. I know absolutely nothing about bookkeeping and I know it’s important as an entrepreneur to learn about how to better manage my finances.

    Depending on how I like the information I get from the videos, I’ll definitely keep this page bookmarked so I can recommend it to any aspiring bookkeepers.

    1. Thanks for checking things out.  It’s one of those things where it is something that really interests you or it doesn’t but I appreciate you keeping it open for others you may know.

  26. Wow, Great Post! Very informative. I really like your honesty. It made me feel really confident to check out this product. You really take your readers through the process in signing up for this product. And what they should look forward to.

    Thanks for this! It makes me want to go check out BookKeeper Business Launch.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Emonne!  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out and I will do what I can to get them answered.

  27. When I first read that it’s for 1999 dollars, I was like, ‘Nope, this isn’t happening.’
    However, after reading about it in details, the cost made much more sense. They seem to be a legit website.
    Anyhow, this was very informative and detailed. I commend you for that! Good job!

    1. I agree, it’s not cheap but it simply depends on whether you can see the value in the course or not.  If you compare it to a college education now your talking about pennies on the dollar.  On top of that, with Bookkeeper Business Launch, you can have an up and running business in as little as 10 weeks.

      It’s not for everyone but if the thought of having your own bookkeeping business intrigues you then your crazy to not at least look into it further.  Thanks for stopping by.

  28. Hi Nathan,

    I always wanted to learn how to do book keeping for one reason and one reason only – I want to be able to do my own book keeping records without some tool stealing from me. It is a little pricey but I can see great value in this course and is something I am giving serious thought to. How is support? Are they there when you need if you don’t understand something? Also, I am not too hot with numbers – does the software do all that for you?

    I am tempted but will give it some more thought. You may hear from me soon.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Phil! Honestly, the support is amazing! You will have access to a private Facebook group where you get all the support you will ever need. It is a very active group and any question you may have will almost get answered immediately. If for some reason it doesn’t, then you can reach out to the peeps at BBL and they will be sure to get them answered. Ben also has weekly Q & A sessions where you are able to ask him directly to get them answered as well.

      As for as having to be a math wizard, you don’t have to worry about that. All you need is an understanding on how to do basic math to double check your work that the software does for you.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

  29. Hi Nathan,

    I do not live in the US can I still make this work for me ? I mean can i still get US clients without physically meeting them or a face to face meeting is required?

    1. Thanks for asking Mike! Yes, Bookkeeper Business Launch can still work for you. The choice is yours as to how to promote your business. Some students choose to market locally, some online and many choose both routes.

      If you choose to just market online you will use tools such as Skype so that you still have that face to face interaction with your clients which is super important, that way you are still able to be personable and show them that you are a real person that cares about their business.

  30. The information here is really impressive. Your research in complete and detailed, any bookkeeper would be proud!

    The course also looks very complete. All the tools are there, it’s just up to the student to learn them.

    And it’s accurate. For much less than a college degree you can learn a skill that will stand you in good stead, even if you are running your own business!

    1. Thanks Tam!  I am glad that you can see the value in Bookkeeper Business Launch.  It really is the most complete course out there!

  31. What a thorough review – don’t think I have any more questions, as you’ve already answered them! This sounds really interesting, and something I’ve been considering for a while – I quite like working with numbers, and friends have often suggested book keeping might be right up my alley. It might sound funny, but I would trust this due to the investment required – it sounds entirely reasonable for getting the necessary skills. I like you’ve included the BBB endorsement, for that extra bit of confidence in the course. Thanks very much, I’m going to take a closer look at this.

    1. I am glad that you found it useful Mara!  You are right though, as far as the price of the course is concerned.  It’s not cheap, but when you think about it, you are starting your very own legit business giving you the ability to work from your home on your own schedule for this price it really is easy to justify.  It really all depends on how you look at it and if bookkeeping really speaks to you or not.

  32. Very interesting. I know that people can make a lot of money from book keeping and in many cases more than actual accountants. This looks like a very thorough course. Thank you very much. Bookmarked and liked. Are there opportunities for client referrals with this course? What about automation, any possibility of jobs being repalced in the future?

    1. No problem Dave!  As far as the client referrals are concerned, there are times were students will provide referrals through the private group to other students if they are outside of their niche.  Plus, part of the marketing training focuses on simply putting yourself out there and partnering with other professionals to refer potential clients to each other.

      As far as job placement is concerned, I simply don’t know.  I could guess what Ben may do in the future but it would be just that…a guess.

  33. Interesting write-up, thanks very much. A couple of questions for you:
    1) Do you receive remuneration from BBL, “Ben,” any company with which he’s associated and/or owns in any way shape or form, &C?
    2) I’m currently a Qualified 401(k) Administrator working for a small private third-party administrator (“TPA”); our busy (read: INSANE) season is from January through March 15 (to begin with), then other major deadlines occur on April 15, July 31 & October 15 of each calendar year.

    I imagine that, as a book keeper, I’d be responsible for entering in clients’ employees’ deferrals, employers’ contributions, &c for their own retirement plans to their various investment managers, correct? I’m worried not only about conflict of interest, but having enough time during busy season to have my clients’ information to their retirement plans’ TPAs for them to do the necessary testing, as well as doing my employers’ clients’ testing from bookkeepers sending me information. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Christian and thanks thanks for reaching out! To answer your first question, yes I am an affiliate for the Bookkeeper Business Launch program so I do earn a commission by referring other into it. The price is the same whether you chose to sign up here or through them directly so you don’t have to worry about paying a higher price simply because I earn a small commission. In saying that, if you like what you read I hope that you choose to sign up here. I try to do everything I can to provide every detail possible about the BBL program so that you are able to be confident in your decision to take the plunge or not.

      As far as your second question, I would hate to guess as to the specifics of dealing with your 401k clients. I really don’t want to give you a wrong answer or mislead you in any way. What I would recommend that you do is to send them an email directly and they will be able to answer this for you. Send your email to success@learntobeabookkeeper.com and if you decide to join I hope that you come back here to sign up.

      Hope this helps and thanks again for reaching out!

  34. Simone Daley- Richards

    Very well put together site.

    I guess this is the sort of thing we as self employed should be more interested in.

    This is something that I really need to get on top of it. I think it would save a lot of us some money!

    I’ll be back


  35. Hey Nick,

    What kind of certificate do you receive after taking the course? Also how long does it normally take to get through the entire course?

    1. Thanks for reaching out Angela. How long the Bookkeeper Business Launch course takes to go through depends on how much time you have to go though it. Generally speaking though, it is designed to be gone through in approximately 3 months. In saying this though, you are able to go through it at your own pace.

      As far as certification, you are able to access Quickbooks and Xero through the BBL course and become certified for one or both of these programs. The Xero certification is also included in the price of the course which is a nice little perk as well. As of the time of this reply I am also aware that Ben is in the process of creating his own bookkeeper certification group as well.

      Thanks for asking!

  36. Thanks for such an in-depth review, Nathan! I appreciate all of the background information on the training courses and modules. Bookkeeper Business Launch seems pretty impressive! I know several people that will benefit from this.

    Oh, and I’m sure they’ll want me to thank you for letting your readers know about keeping an eye out for sales on the program fee!

    1. No problem Michael, that’s what I am here for!  I understand that this is a decent investment to make so anything that I can do help my readers out.

      If your friends have any questions about the program let them know to not be afraid to reach out to me and I will be sure to get back to them.

  37. Hi Nate,
    Thanks for writing this very comprehensive review.
    I had not ever heard of Bookkeeper Business Launch before. I did not know how many feature it came with.
    I know that lots of people are looking to become a work at home bookkeeper. It is great that there is such a comprehensive program to help them out.
    Lots of programs teach you the specifics of spreadsheets and ledgers, it is nice that this program includes how to attract clients as well.
    It is nice to see that it comes with three classes for free.
    I was just wondering if you ever got stuck with the course what sort of support can you get access to for $1,999? thank you

    1. Honestly, the support is pretty top-notch!  The Facebook group is amazing.  Any question or concern that you have will more than likely get answered immediately!

      If for some reason it does go unanswered, you can always email Bookkeeper Business Launch directly and Ben himself also hosts weekly Q&A sessions where you can ask the man himself directly.  These are also recorded so that you are able to access them any time you like.

      Obviously, this is a business where you are going to have questions especially if you are brand new to bookkeeping so it’s nice to know that it is pretty easy to get the answers in a timely manner.

  38. Hi Nate

    I enjoyed reading your Bookkeeper Business Launch Review.

    Ben Robinson definitely comes across as someone sincere and trustworthy, and that’s really important when it comes to choosing who you going to partner with in business.

    I have to say the training available is extremely comprehensive, covering all the necessary areas of bookkeeping and the bonus LinkedIn training would also provide one with a strategic advantage when it comes to networking in the right circles.

    Although the program is not what I would call cheap, it’s also not really expensive, considering how much you can earn by the time you graduate, and it seems to me as if there is always work available for good bookkeepers.

    Like with any business venture, I do think you have to have an interest in what it is you going to be doing to be successful. So for those who have an interest in this area, it would be the ideal choice.


    1. Thanks Mark!  You are right it’s not cheap, that is until you realize what you are getting and the fact that you could possibly have your first client before you even finish the course is pretty exciting as well.  Anyone, with an interest in bookkeeping, at the very least, needs to at least look in this program,

  39. Thank you for a very thorough review of what looks like an honest and thorough program. Looking for training that does not take years has been until now an exercise in futility.
    There are so many individuals on the Internet that hope to find the gullible. However, I can see from your excellent review that Ben Robinson is not one of those people.

    I am looking forward to accessing the introductory videos to discover the potential. Thank you again for your review.

    1. I’m glad that you found it helpful Sheila!  If you have any questions don’t be afraid to reach out and I will do what I can to get you the answers.

  40. Hi Nathan,

    Great post mate! I didn’t realise there was so much involved in book keeping! For those who love looking after the books this would be a great course to undertake and quite reasonable price to.

    I know a few people who may be interested in my daughters group of friends. Will pass it on.

    Many thanks, Kev

  41. Ivan Brozincevic

    Sounds like a legit program to learn the sills of bookkeeping. Much appreciated for your comprehensive review of this program. Thanks for sharing.

    All the best,

  42. Hi Nathan,
    I personally don’t fully agree with the value of this. I’m sure the course and software is great but from a freelancing perspective is it really worth it?
    The training that is provided here is just one part of the equation. Getting hired via upwork is a different beast altogether and I’m a bit doubtful if anyone will get hired on the basis of just completing this course.
    Part of the deal of attending college is that you get a brand named degree which is intangible. You don’t really get that here.
    Im wondering if this will be a good option for those already in the accounts department at work and as a way to enhance their skillset.
    Great review though, this was really in depth!

    1. You may have misunderstood what this course offers. What Bookkeeper Business Launch offers is how to start your own bookkeeping business, not how to get hired as a bookkeeper. If you were looking to simply get a bookkeeping job, then you are probably right, an accounting degree is probably going to be useful. After following this course for almost two years now I can assure you that it is very worth it as long as you have the traits required to successfully become your own boss.
      To do this through a college you are not only going to need some sort of accounting degree but also a degree in marketing as well and that marketing degree is not going to focus on bookkeeping specifically. Now your talking about the cost of double majoring through college. When you think about that I think the value here jumps right out.
      I do appreciate the honest comment though. Thanks for stopping by!

  43. I really like your comprehensive review. BBL definitely looks like a legitimate program because of the fact that there is a trial version. I always look for those trial versions before signing up because it gives me a sense of whether the whole program will benefit me or not. And not only that, it also gives me a sense of the depth of what I will be learning and helps me make the decision for myself, as to whether what is being taught is worth the money. Unfortunately, I have been through so many scams and I am not proud of it. I have lost so much that I try to stay away from the programs that don’t offer a free trial. I am looking forward to trying out the free lessons but I can already tell that from your review, that it is going to be a good course. I just want to learn bookkeeping so I can do it by myself, instead of hiring somebody else. So that’s gonna be quite useful!

    1. The free training videos really do an excellent job at help you to determine if a bookkeeping business is the right move for you. After checking them out, you should have a pretty good idea as Ben does an awesome job breaking down the business and what it takes to be successful at it.

  44. Hi Nathan,

    Thanks for the comprehensive review. I am pretty sure I don’t have the bookkeeping gene, but I am thinking that it might be useful for some people close to me currently at a crossroads in their careers. The personal assessment part of the training seems to be worth a lot in and of itself. It can help people see if there is a fit right from the get-go.



  45. I think that additional resources should not be overlooked there are many thinks and I actually really like that it has a sample proposal and engagement letter. You said support is quite good and I wonder how long it takes to get an answer as well.

    1. In most cases, any questions or concerns you will have will just answered in a matter of a couple minutes through the private Facebook group.  The group is very active and many students in the group are more then willing to lend a hand.  If for some reason it doesn’t get answered there you can also get a hold of the fine people of BBL through email as well.

      Another excellent source of getting your questions answered is through Bens’ weekly Q&A sessions that he holds were you are able to pick his brain live, these are also all recorded so that you are able to access then at any time.

  46. curtis henderson

    This is an awesome review. Tons of great information that is useful. I had not considered bookkeeping as a way to make money online but I like the idea. It is a bit pricey, but it sounds like it may be worth it, even if I only use it for my own business.
    Thanks for the great review.

    1. It’s not cheap I realize that.  On the other and it all depends on how you look at it as far as starting a new business from scratch is concerned and the value that is built into the Bookkeeper Business Launch program.  What I think it really comes down to is that you have to ask yourself if this is something that you WANT to do.  I’m glad that you enjoyed the review Curtis!

  47. Hello,

    I’m very interested in the program and the potential career it offers. I was wondering, upon completion of the course can you work the bookkeeper business part time while starting out building the business so as not to give up a good paying job prematurely? Thanks.


    1. Yes you can Scott! In fact, this is typically how most students start out. You are able to work the course at your own pace while still holding down your regular job. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask.

  48. Nate,
    What a fabulous write up on Bookkeeper business launch. You’ve provided a thorough and indepth review of the entire product. I love that you’ve really gone to such detail including support, continued training, how much the profit margins are in the various aspects of online bookkeeping. While the upfront price seems high the reality is it appears as though you get basically everything you need to get going as well as ongoing support in online bookkeeping.
    Honestly this is something (online bookkeeping) that never crossed my mind. Now that I’ve read your review I can’t help thinking what an amazing concept.
    Thanks for the review,
    Mat A.

    1. I am glad that you enjoyed it Mat!  It really is an amazing program and I love being able to share it with others.  Ben does everything in his power to give you every tool you will ever need to give yourself a successful bookkeeping business it’s simply up to you to put them into action.

  49. Incredible! I’ve been doing my own finances for a few years now, and it’s getting to the point where it’s all a bit much – I was considering hiring a bookkeeper, but with Bookkeeper Business Launch perhaps this something I can continue to do myself with some training. Do you think it would still be suitable for someone who only has basic understanding of finances and tax?

    1. Hi Kegan,

      The great part about Bookkeeper Business Launch is that you don’t need to have any experience at all to go through the program.  All you need is the fortitude to go through the training and be able to run a real business

  50. Your review was very detailed, honest, and informative! You’ve definitely put a lot of effort into delivering an informative review. It looks like bookkeeping is a very lucrative business if done properly. I never knew how much was involved with bookkeeping and I didn’t know that it was possible to turn it into a legitimate business until now.

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback!  Yes, it can be a VERY good business to start and Ben lays it all out there for the taking.  Like you said, there is a lot involved and a lot to learn so as long as you approach this like a real business and understand that it will take time to get things moving you can be bringing in a nice monthly income before you know it.

  51. Great and thorough website!! Thank you!! My wife is a bookkeeper and has been thinking of branching out on her own. She’s been struggling with trying to figure out exactly how and what steps to take to get there. I’m definitely referring her to this website!! Great niche and please keep the content coming!!!

    1. Thanks John!  She would have everything she would ever need through this course for her to start bookkeeping on her own.  Have her check it out and tell her to feel free to reach out if she has any questions!

  52. Thanks for the review. I’m very interested in BBL but to be honest, it’s really too pricey for me. Luckily you’ve mentioned that there will be occasional sales. I’ve signed up for the intro courses and finished watching already. Do you remember that what’s the price of the last sale? I would like to consider if the sale is worth waiting for. Thank you.

    1. Hi Kelly, The last sale that he had was for $240 off. I know it’s not cheap, bur honestly it’s worth every penny if this is something that really speaks to you. If I were to guess, I would say Black Friday will probably be the next one that takes place. This is just a guess on my part, but they seem to take place roughly about the same times every year. With that in mind, maybe that can give you something to shoot for ;). If you have any other questions don’t be afraid to reach out, i’ll be sure to do my best to get you the answers.

  53. Thank you for this great informative write up, Nathan! I had never thought of bookkeeping on line. Of course, the face-to-face option could always be used as well, I presume. However, I do have a few questions:
    1. You mention Quickbooks and Xero (I think that is the name) software being used for bookkeeping. Do you use any other software such as Sage, MYOB, or any others?
    2. I have a friend who is pretty good with numbers. He is also very smart. However, he is Deaf. Would close captioning or transcripts be available in the training materials?
    3. I believe you said that this BBL course is based out of the USA, but could be used for other countries. You also said that a new tax version will be coming out soon. I presume that is for American taxes? I am from Canada and I am wondering if taxes for other countries would be an option?

    The free videos look like they would be an interesting place to start and I will watch them soon.

    Thanks again for all your hard work in posting this review. It was very informative!

    1. hi betty,

      thanks for asking, let’s see if i can give you a little more insight here.
      1. As far as the software is concerned, the training does offer additional training with QB and Xero so it may be easier to focus with one of these programs but in the end the choice is yours as to which ones you use as long as you can carry over what is being taught.
      2.Every single training session comes with a transcript and video. This is brand new with the BBL 3.0 program since Ben realized that some students simply learn better through different media options.
      3. Yes, the BBL training can be used outside of the US. Bookkeeping is bookkeeping no matter where you are from. As far as the tax course, I’m not sure yet if that will work the same way, as far as, if it would benefit you from outside the US but I am guessing it would simply be a matter of familiarizing yourself with the Canadian tax code but the concepts taught would work anywhere. But again, I am not positive about this since the course has not been released yet.

      I highly recommend the free training videos they are great at giving you a detailed look at what having your own bookkeeping business is all about and whether it may be the right move for you.

      If you have any others questions I am here to help any way that I can!

  54. Do you offer any services that help bookkeepers find more clients? I am already a bookkeeper/tax accountant who has a degree in accounting therefore I do not need classes on training to become a bookkeeper.

    1. Hi Cindy,
      As a whole and separate class no. But, the BBL program also shows you how to obtain clients as well. Half on how to do the bookkeeping and the other half how to find clients. I can tell you that there are quite a few students who are already bookkeepers that still join the course so that they have the knowledge on how to find the clients as well. You could always join and if the info isn’t what you are looking for you could always take advantage of the 60 day money back guarantee. Hope this helps! Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!

  55. I was just laid off from my current job. Which had happen doing the nation crisis of the corona-19 virus. I am also a care taker to my 70 year old mother and my 92 year old grandmother. I’m the only one that was provider. I have always been interested in to bookkeeping but never could get financial help through community college or help no where. Do you have a financial program help to start the program?

    1. Hi Brandi, I hear what you’re saying. It is a tough time for everyone. While there isn’t any specific financial aid, so to speak, I could offer a couple of different suggestions for you to consider.

      The first choice would be to take the 12 pay route. This is where the cost of the program is broken down into 12 payments to help lighten the load for you.

      Another option you could consider is to apply for a new credit card that is interest-free for a period of time. With decent credit, you can find cards that offer no interest for 12-18 months. This is more than enough time to get a few clients under your belt and get it paid off.

      I am not one to push someone to use credit cards, but you know you! This can definitely be a great option if you have the drive to get your business off the ground quickly and are fiscally responsible.

      Hope this helps! Hang in there… we will all get through this!

    1. Hi Maya! Thanks for reaching out. I would say absolutely yes. A lot of the students say that the marketing training alone is worth the price of the course. So yes, I would still recommend it! If you have any other questions just holler.

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