2024 Bookkeeper Launch Review… Why It’s The Best

2024 Bookkeeper Launch ( Review

What Is Bookkeeper Launch (

Simply put, Bookkeeper Launch is a way for you to learn bookkeeping and how to get clients with a simple work-from-home platform.  Every single detail is covered in this course.

Since Bookkeeper Launch started up back in 2015, over 8000 students have taken this course and have been able to start wildly successful bookkeeping businesses for themselves.  If you are new to this course please be sure to read through the entire review to get a good feel of everything that Bookkeeper Launch has to offer.

To start with, know that previous bookkeeping experience is NOT needed to learn how to become a bookkeeper with Bookkeeper Launch. When all is said and done, you WILL know everything you will possibly need to succeed.

On top of that, you are shown exactly how to bring in potential clients and how to get your business off the ground as fast as possible. In fact, it is even possible to have your first client before you even finish the course.

You will also have lifetime access as well as any and all updates without ever having to pay again.

In August 2019 ranked Bookkeeper Launch #211 on its annual 5000 list.  This is the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fasted growing private companies.

The Creator Of Bookkeeper Launch, Ben Robinson, Who Is He?

To help determine the legitimacy of a program, you should always start with the creator of the program itself. Ben Robinson Founder of Bookkeeper LaunchAfter doing due diligence on who Ben Robinson is and his story, you can easily gain a sense of legitimacy and sincerity for his willingness to help others build their bookkeeping businesses from scratch. Here are some notable highlights from Ben’s past:

resume screenshot part 1

These snippets from Ben’s past alone should allow you to truly see who Ben is and the character and willingness he has to help others succeed. Not to mention, he is a pretty darn good CPA!  Please trust that Ben really does have YOUR best interests at heart.

Bookkeeping Training Classes For Free

Here is the great part about Bookkeeper Launch, when you initially sign up, you are going to get three lessons for free!

In these 3 videos, Ben goes over certain criteria and traits that make a great bookkeeper. He also goes into the expenses that go into starting your new business. Rest easy, these three starter videos are 100% free!.

Within the starter videos, Ben lays out the foundation of the Bookkeeper Launch program and fills you in on some positives and negatives of beginning your own bookkeeper business.

He also talks about the price of the Bookkeeper Launch program (it really is a bargain) along with all the other supplies that you will need to get your business up and running.

There are zero surprises when it comes to the cost and there is no need to worry about any upsells. You will know exactly what to expect before you dish out a single dime!

He also goes into great detail on evaluating yourself to make sure you have the right mindset to become a great bookkeeper and run your own business. He will tell you that if you’re not sure if you can follow through, then you should more than likely move along to other things.

Does that sound like someone that is simply after your money? Below are the three free videos that you will receive when you decide to check things out for yourself.

Watch The Free Training!

What’s Inside Bookkeeper Launch?

Let’s jump into the program itself and break it down. After all, you want to be able to easily follow a program like this since you will be learning a brand new skill set.

A quick little disclaimer here. Keep in mind that the layout of the site may change from time to time since Ben is constantly adding material to the course and trying to improve his students’ overall experience. So what you see in this review may be different from what the site looks like when you enter.

The nuts and bolts of the training are broken down into 2 different modules:

course overview

  • Clients: Through these training modules you will learn exactly how to get your business out there and find prospects for your new venture
  • Skills: These will teach you everything needed to learn how to do the actual bookkeeping itself.

class systems screenshot

course overview skills and clients

After going through all the tabs shown above, you will have all the skills needed to create a thriving bookkeeping business for yourself.

What Will You Find Inside Each Module?

Inside each module, there are a series of videos to watch along with A PDF file, a PowerPoint presentation, and DOC form, all of which you can download to help with training and note-taking.

training module

Each module then contains a number of topics:

drop down menu

Are You Just Getting Bookkeeping Basics?

No! You can rest easy knowing that when you complete your training you will know everything you need to know to get your business off the ground running!

With BBL 3.0 Ben is adding additional training modules.  One of the brand new modules deals with understanding taxes.  Keep in mind that you do not learn how to prepare taxes but Ben understands that it is important to at least have an understanding of them.

There you have it, now you know that Bookkeeper Launch is not a basic bookkeeping course.

Would you like to see the complete course syllabus for yourself?  Of course, you would!  Take a peek at a quick rundown of everything you will learn on the inside by clicking here! Certificate Of Completion

This is also brand new to the 3.0 version at  As you move through the course, you must complete all quizzes and tests.  After that, you will have to pass two final exams.  One on bookkeeping and the other on marketing.

Once completed, you request your certificate from a third party and can then be used to market yourself as a professional bookkeeper.  Your clients will even be able to check the authenticity of your certificate.

What Additional Resources Are Available?

Let’s move on to the Resources tab to find out what else is needed to be a successful bookkeeper from the comfort of your own home.  Within the resource tab you will find the following:

  • Course syllabus (which we just showed you in the above screenshots)
  • Suggested Study Track
  • Goal Sheet
  • Sample Report (7 Bookkeeping Mistakes)
  • Lead Magnet Ideas From Digital Marketer
  • Color-Coded Checklist
  • Consultation Question Ideas
  • Sample Proposal
  • Sample Engagement Letter
  • Client Startup Checklist
  • Entity Comparison Chart
  • Sample Chart Of Accounts
  • Clean-Up Checklist
  • Chart Of Accounts For Personal Finances
  • Loan Amortization
  • Sample ACH/Recurring Payment Form
  • Notes- Type out all of your notes instead of using notepads and have them saved and organized on the Bookkeeper Launch site.
  • Pricing Calculator to assist students in pricing proposals

You might be curious about security features as well since you will be dealing with other business owners’ finances. Trust me, Ben has you covered!  Know that your future client’s finances will be protected with the latest and best features.Xero and Quickbooks logos

Also included in the resource tab is a video that walks you through your all-important Xero and Quickbooks Certification.  It is also important to point out that you are able to get your Xero certification for free as a student of Bookkeeper Launch.  This alone is a value of $249.00!

Please note that this could change without notice.

Live Bookkeeping Q&A Webinars

The final option in the resource tab is an archive of previous live Q&A sessions. If you are not able to catch these events live, you can simply click this tab and check them out any time you like.

Q&A sessions

There are hundreds of hours of students picking Ben’s brain, so you can imagine how valuable these recordings can be.

What About Support?

Once you sign up for the class, you are automatically added to the thriving Bookkeeper Launch Facebook group.  Within this group you can network with your peers, get tips and tricks, and ask bookkeeping questions.  This vibrant community will be filled with your co-learners as well as alumni who stick around to give coaching, help, and cheer you on!  It’s like having your own personal life coach and cheer squad in one, with equal parts getting bookkeeping tips and sharing successes.  I can’t say enough about how awesome and supportive this community is as you’re building your business.

Certified Digital Bookkeeper

Ben also has his own certification for bookkeepers.  This is available not just for Bookkeeper Launch students, but for any bookkeeper out there who completes the certification.  His goal is for this to be the best possible certification out there for bookkeepers to have.

For his students, you must have obtained your Certificate of Completion through the course.  You must have 1 year of experience and, obviously, pass the final exam.  You will then be a member of the Digital Bookkeeper Association.

What Makes Bookkeeper Launch Different?

If you have done any research at all on learning about becoming a bookkeeper, then you know that there are other options out there in the online world.  So what makes this course different from all the others out there?  There are 2 things that put BL at the top of the list.

  1. Learn to be the best – Ben teaches you how to go above and beyond for your clients.  Anyone can learn to be a number cruncher but knowing how to provide tons of value to your clients is what is going to give you a huge edge over your competition.
  2. Become a 21st-century bookkeeper – Technology is advancing at supersonic speed these days.  Ben teaches you how technology can be your friend as a bookkeeper and not to worry about being replaced by AI down the road.  There are simply some things that computers will never be able to do and you need to learn to excel in those particular skill sets.

What Does Bookkeeper Launch Cost?

You have 3 different payment options to choose from (remember there is a 30-day money back guarantee):

  • Bookkeeper Launch Pro –  $2,499 
  • 12 Pay option – $249
  • Bookkeeper Launch Premium $2,999
  • 12 Pay Premium option – $299 $210 
  • Bookkeeper Launch Team  $4999
  • 12 Pay Team Options – $499

different bookkeeping options

Let’s try to break down these different options a bit so that you can get a better idea of what you are getting.

Bookkeeper Launch Pro $2,499 

Bookkeeper Launch System – Of course, you get the actual course that you signed for including any and all updates that come down the road.

Resource Library Access – Everything on this inside is recorded so you will have access to all the previous training sessions that you can go back and listen to anytime

Hacks and Facts – this is a short bonus course that Ben prepared where he simply has a roundtable discussion with some of his students talking about how they overcame specific challenges they came across while running their businesses.

Profit Maximizers – This added course is all about the world of Accounts Payable and how you can help take some of the burdens off your client’s hands.

1099 Blitz (Recently Added) – This is a crash course on how to successfully add preparing 1099s during tax season

Bookkeeper Launch Premier $2,999 

Everything in Pro plus the added benefits of getting more personalized training From Ben himself including the short courses Fastest Path To Success and Avoiding Costly Mistakes

Unlimited Open Mic Sessions – These are meetings where you are able to ask or share anything with Ben himself and they take place once a week.  This is an amazing resource to have available to you for support and motivation.

Bookkeeper Launch Team $4,999

Obviously, you are going to get everything in Pro and Premier plus:

Marketing Machine – Teaches you how to become a marketing pro.  This course sells on its own for $2,995.

Outstanding Processes and People – This course focuses on how to hire others into your business and increase your profits.  This course sells alone for $2,995.

Note that with the Team option, you would be getting $6000 worth of free courses with the Marketing Machine course and the Oustanding Processes and People course.  Depending on what your ultimate goals are for you and your business this is an excellent option to consider in the long run.

But remember you DO NOT need to purchase (now or ever) any of Ben’s additional courses to have a successful bookkeeping business.  They can make your life easier, make things happen much quicker, and help you to successfully scale your business much quicker for you but this is not a program where you are trapped into buying additional courses even though you don’t want to.

Good news – Ben will occasionally have sales. They are completely random and one of the ways to know that these sales are taking place is to sign up for the intro courses and then you will be notified by email when one pops up.

Look, we aren’t exactly talking pocket change here. But in our opinion, the value that is built into this program, more than pays for itself.

Ben even touches on how it is entirely possible to have your first client secured before you even finish the course! That means you will have gotten your entire investment back, plus a profit, with your very first client.

Watch the intro videos then you will begin the see the value of this amazing program, that’s a promise!

Or, maybe you have watched the videos in the past and are ready to get going.  It may also be possible that you may already be familiar with bookkeeping and/or running your own business.  If this is you, feel free to dive right into the course now by heading here! Military Discount

You are now able to get a 30% discount on the program of your choice.  To be eligible, you must be on active duty/ retired or the spouse of an active duty/retired service member.  You will be required to provide proof to get the discount.

Consider This Scenario

Let’s look at this from a different angle.

What if a major university sent you a letter saying that it is launching a new degree and that:

  1. You will only have to take 1 class for 1 semester
  2. It will only cost you $2,499 to earn your degree
  3. You will be able to work from the comfort of your own home
  4. You could potentially be making money before you graduate
  5. Could make $100,000 a year minimum working 40 hours a week

Would you be signing up to attend that college? We would be willing to bet the answer would be a resounding yes! In fact, you would likely do it without even knowing what the program even was!

Bookkeeper Launch is, in my opinion, like getting a top-notch education from an excellent college and no student loans are needed!

How Much Can You Make?

There are many factors that come into play so there is really no hard answer. Ben explains in your intro videos that when all is said and done, you will be making somewhere around $60- $80 an hour! Does that sound like a reasonable wage to you?  it’s important to note that we have seen some of Bens’ students make much more than this as well.

Remember: bookkeeping is the most profitable small business venture out there!

The screenshot below is courtesy of

bookkeeping profitable

Bookkeeper Launch Student Interviews

Below you can find a few interviews of Ben’s students to simply provide more proof that Bookkeeper Launch is the real deal. Feel free to check them out!

Holly Ferris Interview

Amy McLaughry Interview

Daniel Honan Interview

Andrea VonHovel Testimonial

Kristi Gelas Interview

You can also feel free to check out tons of student success stories by heading here!

Do People Actually Use Online Bookkeepers?

One of the biggest questions that seems to pop up over and over again is: do people actually use bookkeepers online? Of course, some prefer to have a face-to-face encounter with their bookkeeper, but the answer is still a resounding yes!

Take a quick look at a couple of links below to see for yourself the high demand out there for businesses looking for virtual bookkeepers on the internet:

As you can see, there are unlimited opportunities online. Keep in mind that the Bookkeeper Launch program suggests finding a specific niche to market to. In other words, you’ll keep your efforts focused on dental practices, for example.

BBB Rating

It is also a relief to know that Bookkeeper Launch is registered with the BBB and that it has an A+ rating. Ben-Robinson-Bookkeeper-Launch-BBB

If you would like to check things out for yourself, you can do so by clicking here to see what others are saying.

student reviews

Is There a Guarantee?

Ben also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee! He understands that it is possible to get started with the course only to figure out that it may not be for you.Bookkeeper Launch 30 day guarantee

If it turns out that this isn’t for you, know that the average response time to get your refund is 72 minutes!  It really is a zero hassle.  Note that they are closed on the weekends and government holidays.

As with any legitimate work-from-home program, the only thing that can get in your way… is yourself. Does it take work to make it happen? Absolutely! The great news is that Bookkeeper Launch provides every piece of the puzzle to make it work, you simply have to put the pieces together.

Do Yourself A Favor

If you are still not sure, do yourself a favor and, at the very least, watch the 3 free videos that introduce the program and break everything down for you.

Ben Robinson himself will explain everything in great detail. By the end of the videos, you should know for sure if this is something that you want to pursue.  There is no need to worry about providing any credit card information or anything like that. You get the three videos simply for signing up.




One Simple Request

We hope that you have found this Bookkeeper Launch review helpful in making a decision on whether it’s right for you. If not, we wish you the best of luck in finding the right program. If so, we simply ask that you sign up through the links provided within this review.  If you are still undecided, simply bookmark this page so that you are able to come back when you make the choice to take the next step.

Name:      Bookkeeper Launch


Price:        Bookkeeper Launch Pro          $2,499 (12 Pay $249)

Bookkeeper Launch Premium $2,999 (12 Pay $299)

Bookkeeper Launch Team       $4,999 (12 Pay $499)

Owner: Ben Robinson

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to email me and I will be sure to back get to you!

We are an affiliate with Bookkeeper Launch, so this review contains affiliate links where we earn commission by referring others to this amazing program.  There are no additional costs passed on to you by signing up through this site (Bookkeepers Paradise).  We take great pride in creating a site that provides unbiased reviews.  We do whatever we can to provide you with valuable information and updates through this site.  If you like what you read, we kindly ask that you use the links provided here should you decide to purchase Ben’s program.  

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