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Bookkeeper Business Launch: 1 Course… 2 Guarantees!

Important Update

Bookkeeper Launch no longer offers the guarantee after 1 year.  Instead, he has switched a typical , no questions asked, 30-day guarantee instead.

Ben Robinson has once again taken things to the next level to help show you that Bookkeeper Launch truly is the best bookkeeping course online.

We are all aware of programs offering the opportunity to try things out for a certain amount of time and have the chance to get a refund if things don’t work out for you. It’s pretty standard to have this as a backup as sometimes a program just isn’t what you thought it would be or you realize that it simply isn’t for you.

More often than not, a program will give you, typically, 30 days to try things out, and if you don’t like it within that time frame you are able to request a refund.

This is the case with Bookkeeper Launch as well but the creator of the course, Ben Robinson, really has outdone himself by adding a second guarantee. I can almost guarantee (see what I did there) that this is something that you have NOT seen before with any other online bookkeeping course, or possibly any course for that matter.

Let’s take a look at both guarantees that are offered with the BBL program so that you have a firm understanding of how they work.

The Typical Guarantee Runaround

The first guarantee that is offered is your traditional money-back guarantee. Although you may think that these are pretty straight forward across the board, they are not.

I would highly recommend when looking to join any program that you read the terms before signing up to make sure that you know what needs to be done before you qualify for a refund.

I say this because many times it’s not as simple as requesting a refund and getting your money back. Some programs require you to fulfill certain requirements before they will issue a refund.

These requirements can sometimes be frustrating, designed for you to not follow through with them, and in the end, you give up trying to get your money back altogether.

Many times what you will find is that they will tell you that you have not given the program enough time. For example, they may mention that you cannot request a refund until day 25 so that you have had enough time to really go through the material. I think we can all agree that this is simply a ploy to increase the odds that you will give up or forget to refund altogether.

Another issue that you will run into many times is that you are never able to get a hold of anyone to request your money back. You send numerous emails and never get a reply or you call that 1-800 number and leave voicemail after voicemail and never get a callback.

This is where you cross the line into scam territory. Obviously, these types of programs never intended to return your money, to begin with. Usually, the only way to stop it is to stop payment with your bank or to file a report of some kind which is a huge hassle, and these programs bank on the fact that you won’t follow through with doing that.

Another issue that you will run into many times is that you make the phone call actually get a hold of someone and then you start getting drilled by the person you are talking to try to convince you to not cancel.

“Why don’t you like the program”

“We recommend that you give it more time to make sure this program is not for you”

“Sir, just so that you are aware, there is a $100 restocking fee” (This is one of my favorites. I always wondered how they restock a digital product)

You get the point, and at one time or another, you have probably experienced one of these situations yourself. This may also be a concern for you when considering the Bookkeeper Launch program.

After all, it’s a lot of money and you don’t want to have to be worried about if it’s going to be a pain to get your money back should you decide that a bookkeeping business simply isn’t your cup of tea.

The BL Guarantee (Number 1)

You can rest easy knowing that the 30-day guarantee you get with Bookkeeper Business Launch is a no questions asked guarantee.

You are able to request a refund after 20 minutes or 29 days. There are absolutely no questions asked. If you want a refund then you get a refund.

There are no fees to pay and you are not going to try to be convinced to keep the program to see if you change your mind.

The BL course was designed to show you how to create a successful bookkeeping business from home, not to take your hard-earned money.

Ben understands that the last thing that you should be concerned about is getting your money back if you don’t like it. Know from the beginning that no questions asked means no questions asked.

I don’t know how else to go into further detail on the 30-day money-back guarantee, after all, it is pretty straight forward.

Recently Ben really put his money where his mouth is with a second guarantee and this is where things get pretty cool.

The Double Your Money Back Achievers Guarantee

Ben no longer offers this second guarantee!

Recently, Ben stepped up his game to add a second guarantee to the mix. When I first read about this my first thought was that no one else out there is going to offer this type of guarantee. It’s just not going to happen.

So, here is how the double your money back guarantee works. Let’s say that you have completed the training and have busted your butt trying to build your business but you have had no luck.

After a year, if you have not made at least $4,000, Ben is going to refund you $4,000! That is double what you would pay for the course, hence the name of the guarantee.

Now with this one, there are certain requirements to qualify for this refund. After all, if you don’t take action that is no one’s fault but your own.

  • If you have not earned $4,000 after 12 months from your date of purchase you can activate this guarantee
  • Must provide proof that you completed the action plan inside the course to show that you have taken action
  • You will then get Bens “Course Correction Plan” to help to try to figure out what has gone wrong
  • After 90 days of getting the “Course Correction Plan”, you have gone through it and still have not earned $4,000, Ben will issue you a $4,000 refund

This is simply Ben putting his own money where his mouth is! This is how confident he is in the Bookkeeper Launch program and I can promise you that you will not find anything like this out there.

Your Risk Has Been Eliminated

Now it’s your move. If you are worried about the money, I get it. It can be scary to take that leap of faith but I can say without a doubt that if you work the Bookkeeper Launch program, you will have a successful business in a year.

The only thing that is truly required on your part is to take action. After a year, if things somehow don’t work out, you get double your money back! So, there really is zero risk on your part… if you actually take action and work the program.

This alone should prove to you how confident Ben is by offering this. He has been watching student after student start their own bookkeeping businesses time after time.

He knows the course works as advertised so why not put his money where his mouth is? Sometimes, I think we need a little extra security blanket, and I think this is it!

So, if you have not done so yet, head on over and check out my complete review of the Bookkeeper Launch course to get a complete rundown. From there, you can get things started by signing up for those all-important free training videos to help you determine if a bookkeeping business is right for you.

Got questions? Feel free to drop them below and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible with the answer.

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