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Ben Robinson Bookkeeping Store – Everything You Need In One Place

Ben Robinson Bookkeeping Store

Ben Robinson has done it again and taken things to the next level when it comes to helping others not only learn and build a successful bookkeeping business but, how to expand and grow that business beyond your wildest dreams with the Ben Robinson bookkeeping store.

Of course, if you have ever heard anything about Ben Robinson, it has probably been because of his flagship course Bookkeeper Launch.  This is Ben’s bread and butter course where he teaches you from scratch how to learn to become a bookkeeper and start-up and market your very own bookkeeping business.

He has now gone above and beyond to build upon the Bookkeeper Launch course by offering deep dives into specific subjects to help you to have the ultimate business.

I wanted to mention real quick that these additional courses are not mandatory to purchase in addition to Bookkeeper Launch.  They are completely optional!  In fact, over 7500 students have successfully started their own bookkeeping businesses without these additional courses (since they are brand new to the public as of August 2020).

What these additional courses will do is give you a massive leg up on your competition and all but ensure your success as a top-notch bookkeeper.  Before I talk about what you will find inside the Bookkeepers Store, it’s important to first talk about the man behind the curtain.

Who Is Ben Robinson

If this is the first time that you have ever heard of Ben Robinson, don’t worry, I will get you up to speed on what he is all about right now!headshot

Ben created Bookkeeper Launch back in 2015 with one goal in mind.  To not only show others how to become a bookkeeper but how to be the absolute best bookkeeper possible.

Here’s the deal, anyone can learn bookkeeping.  Very few of those that do learn this skill, have no clue how to go above and beyond for their clients.  If you can learn how to do what other bookkeepers won’t, then you will find yourself with a very successful bookkeeping business.

This is where Ben’s course separates itself from anything out there.  He truly cares and wants you to be highly successful.  You will easily see this for yourself once you get started.

Below I have attached a few screenshots of Ben’s past to show you that he does not have some shady background.  After that, we can dive into what you can find inside Ben Robinsons’ Bookkeeping Store.

resume screenshot part 1

resume screenshot part 2

Bookkeeper Launchstore screenshot 1

As I mentioned earlier, the first course offered inside of bookkkeepers.com store is the main program that Ben offers, Bookkeeper Launch.  Here you will learn everything you need to run and operate your very own bookkeeping business.

Even if you don’t know the first thing about bookkeeping, rest easy.  Ben focuses on teaching you, from scratch, how to be the very best bookkeeper possible.  I have done a complete review of this program and you can access it through the link below.

Bookkeeper Launch Review

TaxBizthe TaxBiz course

Now you can learn how to operate your very own tax business from home.  Can you guess one of the first questions a lot of businesses ask when they are considering you as their bookkeeper?  Do you also do taxes?  While it’s not essential to offer tax services to your bookkeeping business, the income potential grows dramatically by being able to offer both.  Or, simply focus on only doing taxes, the choice is yours.

TaxBiz Review


Keep in mind the rest of the courses offered below are for bookkeepers that already have an up and running bookkeeping business.

Cybersecurity For Bookkeepersstore screenshot 2

One of the most important things for your bookkeeping business is knowing that you and your client’s information is safe.  This course is a deep dive into the world of cybersecurity and how to give everyone involved in your business the peace of mind to know that you are protected.

The cost of the Cybersecurity for Bookkeepers course is a one-time payment of $97.

Inbound Marketing And Salesstore screenshot 3

This extensive course teaches you how to find those high-paying clients and how to put your marketing on autopilot.  With this course, you will learn how to get amazing leads flowing into your inbox that are consistent, predictable, and most importantly predictable.

The cost of Inbound Marketing and Sales is $2,995.

Outstanding Processes And Peoplestore screenshot 4

This course serves one purpose, to teach you how to hire the right people to help you on your business journey.  Let’s face it, there are a lot of mundane tasks that you have to do to keep your business a well-oiled machine.

Once you hit a certain point, these tasks need to be passed along so that you can focus on the things you WANT to focus on.  Hire the RIGHT people to help lift the burden off your shoulders.

Outstanding Processes and People costs $2,995

Build A 6-Figure Bookkeeping Businessstore screenshot 5

I think the purpose of this course speaks for itself.  If you are a bookkeeper that feels that you aren’t making the money that you deserve then this is the course for you.

Learn how to ensure that you run a highly profitable and scalable bookkeeping business.  This is an extremely deep dive into the exact steps and methods to grow your business beyond your imagination.

Build a 6-Figure Bookkeeping Business costs $497.

New Client Onboardingstore screenshot 6

You can’t grow your business unless you bring on new clients.  Let’s face it, for some people, this can be a tall task.  With this detailed course, you will learn how to do just that… and do it FAST!

Get the complete system to take your business to the next level.

The cost of New Client Onboarding is $497

Advisory Servicesstore screenshot 7

Learning how to become the most trusted advisor to your clients should be your ultimate goal as a bookkeeper.  If you can learn to do this, you can then offer other services without the arm twisting.  This is also the key to avoiding snags with AI and bots replacing you as a bookkeeping business owner.

There is so much more to bookkeeping than just simply filling out reports by entering numbers.  Make your bookkeeping business fun again!

Advisory Services costs $2995

Bookkeeper Labstore screenshot 8

This course is the advanced community for the bookkeeping pros.  This comes with 11 additional courses and live office hours twice a month.  You can join on either a monthly or yearly option.

If you choose to join yearly, Ben will throw in Cybersecurity For Bookkeepers for free!

The cost of Bookkeeper Lab is $37 per month or $370 a year.

Pricing and Packagingadditional bookkeeping course

This course will go into a deep dive into how to get paid what you are worth!  It also teaches you how to overcome objections as well.  Learn why you should avoid getting paid by the hour and go for a flat fee.

The cost of Pricing and Packaging is $998

Everything You Will Ever Need

What you have just read is everything you will ever need to grow your business into the powerhouse that you want it to be.  I can ensure that whatever Ben creates, you can fully trust him to deliver in-depth, no fluff, and powerful content to help your business take off.

If you are here for the first time without a bookkeeping business then Bookkeeper Launch is where you are going to want to start.  everything else is an addition after you get your business up and running (if you choose to).

The time is now to begin your journey to a more fulfilling life!  Head on over to the bookkeepers.com store now to check things out for yourself.

If you have any questions or comments for free to drop them below and I will get back to you ASAP.

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