Who Are We?

About Us

Laura Bradman

Bookkeepers Paradise is maintained by Laura Bradman. Laura has over 20 years experience in bookkeeping, accounting, business management, and entrepreneurship. She has owned, bought and sold multiple businesses and is passionate about helping others in their entrepreneurial journeys.

How Bookkeepers Paradise Started

In 2015, Bookkeepers Paradise was started by Nate Glick as he was in the middle of searching for work-from-home opportunities. Frustrated with all of the information and scams out there, Nate started doing reviews of legitimate WFH opportunities to help others in their search. Laura took over the blog in 2024 and is excited to help others find flexibility and freedom in their career searches.

A One Stop Shop

Owning Your Own Bookkeeper Business

We hope that this site helps you to follow the steps to owning your own business, whether it be bookkeeping, scoping, or something else!

Working From Home

Working from home provides freedom, flexibility, and the opportunity to be your own boss and increase your income potential. We hope you learn what you need from our site!